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50th Birthday Celebration: Swansea Event Tips, Ideas & Plan

50th Birthday Celebration: Swansea Event Tips, Ideas & Plan

Casino Night Birthday PartyPerhaps one of the biggest birthday milestones in a person’s life is the 50th birthday party. If you have been chosen to throw a party for a friend, loved one or spouse who is turning fifty, you will want to take your time and do a little research before you commit to anything concrete. Because a person’s birthday is a set date, you can afford to start planning a year in advance. In fact, depending on where you want to host social gatherings and special occasions, as well as what you want to include, you may need to reserve the space six months to a year in advance.

Start Making Plans Early
Before you can reserve a banquet hall in Swansea, MA for your birthday celebration, you’ll need to think about who you will be inviting. Most price quotes for professional event planning and rental of banquet facility space are based on the head count for the party. Think about whether you want it to be a family event with guests of all ages or if you want an adults-only party so you can host an open bar and do some serious celebrating. Once you have a guest list written out you can contact Venus de Milo and find out what is available to host the party.

In some cases you may want to choose a date that is more convenient, rather than the actual birth date of the guest of honor. This could be because you want to host a party on the weekend when out-of-town guests can come or because the birthday is right in the middle of wedding season and you were unable to secure space at the banquet facility on the actual date. Either way, just make sure to give your guests enough advance warning so they can make arrangements to attend the party. Include RSVP instructions and have guests call you so you can check them off on your list or ask them to mail back a card in a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Choose a Fitting Theme
One way to make your planning easier is to choose a theme for your birthday party at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA. Select a theme based upon the interests of the guest of honor, such as a sport that they are interested in, a hobby that they participate in, or something that is relevant to them. You can also choose themes based upon the season or holiday that is nearest to the birthday celebration, just make sure that the theme suits the person.

Some popular themes for 50th birthday particles include:

  • Over the Hill – Fifty is the official age of the “over the hill” birthdays. Once you hit fifty, most people will start sending birthday cards or giving gifts that are black or black-and-gold to signify that the “over the hill” age has been achieved. There are a lot of gag gifts, decorations, cake toppers and other things that can be incorporated into a birthday that uses this theme. Party favors, balloons, streamers and noise-makers can all be in this theme. You can even get invitations that go along with the “over the hill” theme at most party stores.
  • Era of Choice – Another popular idea is to choose an era to celebrate, either the decade that the birthday boy or girl was born in, the decade when they were in high school, or an era that happens to be their favorite, such as the 20s, 40s or 50s. Guests can get in on the fun too and dress the part. Consider adding this to the invitation to make sure that everyone dresses accordingly. Look into hiring bands that play the music from that era and speak with the professional event planning coordinator at the banquet facility about creating a cocktail that reflects the era as well that can be served during the party.
  • Casino Night – If the guest of honor enjoys casinos and table games, a casino night theme party can be a lot of fun. Real casino games, prizes, classy cocktails and other theme decorations and activities will make this a night to remember. If you really want to go over the top, tell guests to dress formally, suggesting tuxedos and classic gowns. Some guests will really get into it, while others might miss the mark. Either way it will be a lot of fun.
  • The “Roast” Party – If you remember seeing the old roasts on television featuring top celebrities and entertainers, you know how much fun it was for everyone to participate in a roast. Speak with key guests ahead of time and ask them to prepare some comments about the guest of honor. Tell them to make it humorous and not spiteful. Remember this is a party to honor the person’s birthday, not make them run crying from the room.

Call Venus de Milo
Regardless of the type of birthday celebration you want to host or the interests of the person you are choosing to honor, make sure to plan your social gatherings and special occasions right here at the world-famous Venus de Milo. Come visit our banquet hall in Swansea, MA and take a tour of our facility. Take advantage of our professional event planning team to help plan your special party or event right here at our South Coast banquet facility. Call today at 508-678-3901 to check on availability or to schedule a tour of our venue.

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