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6 Easy Steps: Plan Effective Business Workshops in Swansea

6 Easy Steps: Plan Effective Business Workshops in Swansea

Plan Business WorkshopsHosting corporate events in Massachusetts can seem like a lot of work, but the key is to have a plan. If you are new to business event planning, it is important to take some time to learn a little bit about what will be expected of you so you will be able to properly prepare. Choosing a South Coast event venue, working with on-site event coordinators, making plans for speakers and other activities at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA can all be handled in a professional and effective manner if you take time to really plan it all out. The goal is to host corporate events in Swansea that will be memorable, relevant and productive for the companies who sponsor and participate, as well as for the attendees who take time away from work to attend.

How to Do It Right
If you have ever attended a bad business workshop, you know what a let down it can be. Not only did you waste time that could have been spent at the office working toward your goals, but you are also out the money that it cost to register and attend. If you want to keep hosting corporate events in Massachusetts in the future, the more planning and preparing that you do for this first event, the more likely you will be to present a successful business workshop. When planned well, corporate events in Swansea can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved. They can help build working relationships, inspire new projects and work to advance the industry as a whole.

Step One – What Do You Want to Accomplish?
When you start planning business workshops at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA, it is important to think about your goals and everything you want to accomplish. Do you want to increase sales or expand your market reach? Do you want to provide some team building skills for a specific department or project? Do you want to improve performance skills for your workforce? Once you identify what you want to get out of hosting corporate events in Swansea, it will be easier to lay out a plan and find solutions that will give results.

Step Two – Who Do You Want to Attend?
Is this an event that is just for a single team or do you want to invite the entire department? Is it just for your company or do you want to invite colleagues from other local industry businesses to expand the attendee list? Will you invite sponsors to participate in the workshop at the South Coast event venue or will you keep everything in-house? Will you need to hire a speaker or contact a special guest in advance? Make a list of all these things so you can keep track of everything as you make decisions so nothing will get confused or lost in the shuffle of everything else.

Step Three – Where Do You Want to Host It?
Once you decide what type of event you want to host and who you want to attend, it is important to figure out where you will be hosting the corporate events in Massachusetts? Choosing a local venue, a popular venue, a facility that has enough space for you and all of your guests, should be at the top of your list of must-have options when you start hunting around for a location. Venus de Milo is one of the premier meeting and event spaces in Swansea, MA, and is conveniently located for guests coming from all over the northeastern region. Large ballroom spaces and plenty of room for your business workshop to provide all of the seminars, group activities and more, Venus de Milo is the perfect South Coast event venue.

Step Four – What About a Schedule?
The next thing you have to do is create an agenda for your business workshops. Create a schedule that goes from the very start of your day all the way to the point where everyone says good-bye. Make sure to block off time for restroom breaks, refreshments, lunches, dinners and any other non-working opportunity that you want to add to the schedule. If you will have speakers, make sure to schedule them for a block of time and follow-up with a questions-and-answers session and a restroom break. Same goes for interactive team building exercises and group activities.

Step Five – How About Follow-Up and Testing?
Depending on the type of workshop you decide to provide when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, you may want to do some follow-up contact with the attendees or offer a testing opportunity to find out how much they learned during your corporate events in Swansea. You want to make sure that you achieved your goals and received the return on investment that you anticipated from hosting your business workshop at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA.

Step Six – Get Organized!
Not a question or even a suggestion, the only way that you will be able to stay on top of all the work that needs to be done for your workshop at a South Coast event venue is to start organized and stay organized throughout the entire process. Use a 3-ring folder or binder to keep all of your notes, vendor contracts and contacts, your agreement with the venue where you will host corporate events in Swansea, and anything else you need to stay on top of organizing the event. This is the most important tip of them all.

Contact Venus de Milo
If you are interested in securing our meeting and event space in Swansea, MA for your upcoming business workshops, give us a call at 508-678-3901. Our on-site event coordinators can help you to get started and provide you with information about our South Coast event venue. Call today for a tour of our facility or to get a FREE estimate on our services.

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