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Advantages of Hosting Wedding & Reception at the Same Venue

Advantages of Hosting Wedding & Reception at the Same Venue

Single Venue Wedding PlansA question that we get a lot at Venus de Milo is whether or not it is possible to hold the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception at the same wedding venue. The answer is not only “yes,” but we have done it here before. There are many advantages associated with working with the same Swansea, MA event planning team to prepare for your ceremony and reception all under one roof. This is particularly appealing for many Southeastern New England couples, especially those who choose to wed in the off-season when the weather is less than cooperative. No matter what time of year you decide to get married, our premiere wedding venue is the perfect choice for a Swansea wedding reception and ceremony.

For over five decades, Venus de Milo has earned a solid reputation for being the best venue and banquet hall in Swansea, MA or anywhere in the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on the large number of referrals that we receive each year from past couples in our indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces. Plan the wedding day of your dreams without having to be ushered back and forth between two locations. Our well-appointed bridal rooms, elegant ballrooms and over-sized dance floors are all designed to help create a beautiful, memorable wedding experience for brides, grooms, families and friends. There are many reasons to choose our location to host all of the festivities on your special day.

A Cost-Effective Solution
Hosting both your ceremony and your Swansea wedding reception at the same location can save you money versus having a ceremony at one place and the reception at another. There are costs associated with using two venues that many people don’t consider. However, if you could consolidate all of your efforts into one premiere wedding venue, you could possibly save enough for a great honeymoon!

Some of the costs that could be erased by choosing a single venue include:

  • limousine between the ceremony and the reception for the bride, groom and wedding party
  • costs to rent space at two different locations – venue rental fees, insurance, services, etc.
  • decorations and floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception
  • travel costs for photographers, videographers and other vendors
  • reduced time required for vendors to provide their services without the travel time in between the ceremony and reception locations

A Time-Saver
One of the worst parts about traveling from the church or other venue to a reception venue at a different location is the time that it takes to get from Point A to Point B. Hosting the wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the same premiere wedding venue would negate that extra time, providing the bride and groom with more time with family and friends, allow for more celebration time out on the dance floor, and would allow photos to be taken before or immediately after the ceremony without having to worry about traveling across town.

Time is also saved for guests who would otherwise have to find parking at the ceremony, wave good-bye to the couple, jump in their cars and head to the Swansea wedding reception venue, park their cars, and then head in for the party. Swansea, MA event planning staff can help everyone to just move from an outdoor ceremony to an indoor reception, or from an indoor ceremony to an outdoor reception, or just stay in the same room for a big party immediately following the vows and the big kiss at the altar. Guests will appreciate only having to travel to one convenient location at the world–famous Venus de Milo reception center and banquet hall in Swansea, MA.

Denominational Harmony
Another benefit to hosting the ceremony at the same place as the reception is avoiding the whole discussion and argument about which denominational church to host the wedding at in order to appease the families. He is Catholic, she is Methodist – clearly no one is going to be happy. However, hosting your wedding at a premiere wedding venue where you can have a beautiful inter-faith or non-denominational ceremony is a win-win for everyone involved. The discussion over religion can be a huge argument and is no way for a new couple to start off their life together.

Come Visit Venus de Milo – See It in Person
The best way to determine if your Swansea, MA event planning team can help you host your dream wedding at our premiere wedding venue in Southeastern New England is to come see it for yourself. Take a tour of our property and see our outdoor and indoor accommodations for your Swansea wedding reception and ceremony. Hear first hand how other couples have successfully hosted both a wedding and a reception at our banquet hall in Swansea, MA and get ideas on how you can do it too. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and get a FREE estimate on hosting your special day at our venue, or speak with one of our event coordinators to schedule a property tour.

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