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Affordable Summer Wedding Flowers for Premier Wedding Venue

Affordable Summer Wedding Flowers for Premier Wedding Venue

premier wedding venue in southeastern massachusettsWeddings are expensive. Hosting a reception at a premier wedding venue can be a serious investment. It pays to find new ways to save money on a Swansea wedding reception any way that you can. However, cutting costs doesn’t necessarily mean cutting corners. Take time to learn a bit about the wedding industry, such as saving on seasonal summer wedding flowers or getting the best price on the MA wedding and banquet facility of your dreams.

Popular Summer Blooms

When it comes to choosing the flowers that you will use for the bridal bouquet, table arrangements, wedding party creations, and other decorations for your Swansea wedding reception, consider some of these popular floral options. Because they are “in season” or are deemed to be year-round blooms, they are often much more affordable. If you want to cut your budget but still put on a beautiful event, consider these summer wedding flowers.

  • Daisies – Seasonal between summer and early fall, these lightly scented flowers are perfect for bouquets and tabletop decorations at the MA wedding and banquet facility. Very versatile, daisies can be used with a wide range of filler foliage and can even hold their own next to a few more dynamic and costly blooms. Excellent for casual, classic, farmhouse, country, and season-based wedding themes, the hidden meaning of this flower is innocence and simplicity. Also consider Gerbera daisies, which are just as affordable, are available year-round and come in a wide range of intense colors.
  • Freesias – Available year-round, these flowers are perfect for most summer themes. Available in just about every color, the scent of these blooms is very sweet and fruity. The meaning of this flower is innocence, and the cost will fit just about any budget. Lovely in a bouquet, boutonniere, or table arrangement, these delicate flowers create a touch of elegance for just about any type of wedding theme.
  • Chrysanthemums – While available throughout the year, these flowers peak in late summer, offering colorful options in white, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, and even green. The hidden meaning of this bloom is joy, optimism, and cheerfulness. Very affordable and plentiful, these summer wedding flowers are excellent for decorating your premier wedding venue or fleshing out table arrangements and decorative pieces for your Swansea wedding reception.
  • Coxcombs – Available late summer through fall, choose these affordable flowers in options like pink, yellow, green, orange, and red to coordinate with your wedding colors. A very architectural flower, these blooms can give your arrangements height and work well with a variety of other flowers for a wildflower-based bouquet. The meaning behind these blooms is vibrancy and strength.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace – While many brides may remember picking these flowers when they were children, they remain a popular summertime choice for arrangements and bouquets. The lacy appearance of these summer wedding flowers makes them an excellent choice for just about any type of Swansea wedding reception at our MA wedding and banquet facility. The meaning of this flower is protection or safe haven, and it features a grassy, very natural scent.
  • Sunflowers – What could represent summer better than sunflowers? Bold, beautiful, large, and small, depending on the variety; choose from a range of golden yellow hues to deep browns for your wedding day. The meaning behind sunflowers is adoration and loyalty, two wonderful traits to remember as you celebrate your union at a premier wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts. A great choice for bouquets, table arrangements, and other decorative pieces, sunflowers pair well with lots of other summertime and year-round blooms.

How Many Flowers Do You Need?

The answer to this question will depend on the number of people in your wedding party, the number of guests at your Swansea wedding reception, and the amount of floral-based decorations that you want to include. You will need a small bouquet for each bridesmaid and a boutonniere for each groomsman, usher, ring bearer, or close male family member. You will also need corsages for close female family members, such as the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, grandparents, and siblings who are not in the wedding party. The bridal bouquet is the star of the show, but you will also likely want flowers that coordinate to be used during the ceremony and at the sweetheart table during the reception.

Summer wedding flowers will also be needed for each table at the premier wedding venue, including all guest tables, the cake table, gift table, guest book table, and any other special areas that you want to create. While you can mix in live blooms with silk or artificial options to maximize your floral budget, you will at least require the basics for each area of the MA wedding and banquet facility. Work with your florist to find a package that works best for you, your taste, and your budget. Don’t overlook popular summer wedding flowers like daisies, carnations, sunflowers, and freesias, as well as local favorites, wildflowers, and other organic options from area growers.

Contact Venus de Milo to schedule a tour of our premier wedding venue. Our on-site event coordinator can provide you with contact information for local florists and offer advice for arrangements that can be used to decorate all of your tables during the Swansea wedding reception. Call today at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our team members about visiting our popular venue.

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