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Banquet Dinners: Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

Banquet Dinners: Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

One of the hallmarks of a corporate dinner is that it is traditionally boring. If you have been charged with planning and hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, it’s time to break that long-standing tradition. Take time to find new ways to do things, while still maintaining professionalism, to put on a corporate event that is fun, engaging, and entertaining for all who attend. Start a new tradition of fun that will get everyone at the office excited about your next company event.

Find a New Venue
If your company has held the annual dinner at the same location for twenty years, it’s time to try something new. Venus de Milo features award winning cuisine, top notch customer services, and all of the amenities you could ever need to pull off a successful event at our banquet rooms in Swansea. Our team of highly trained and experienced social event coordinators can help you with everything from table arrangements to linen colors, menu selection to staging, and everything in between.

Depending on when you want to host your corporate event, make sure to contact our staff as soon as possible to reserve the date. Wedding season is huge in the South Coast region, taking up many of the weekend dates for nuptials. However, if you don’t mind hosting corporate events in Massachusetts during the week, we can arrange the planning of your corporate event around the busy wedding schedules. Stop by and taste our food for yourself and take a tour of the facility to help plan your upcoming event.

Interactive Opportunities
Find ways to get your staff involved. Think beyond the team that assists with the planning of events and lean less on social event coordinators by having your employees assist with the development of the corporate gathering. Aside from helping everyone to feel a bit of “ownership” over the whole affair, opportunities like this are a win-win for everyone involved, as they can bring brilliant ideas to the surface that otherwise might not have ever been suggested.

Consider creating a seating plan that will integrate persons from different departments with each other that wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to converse. This can help expand staff beyond departmental borders and allow for better communication in the office. Another option is to create some sort of competition for each table, encouraging people from different departments to talk and work together for the win. Imagine your marketing, IT, sales, and accounting departments all working on the same side – even for just one night.

Create a Smart Schedule
Most corporate banquets start with the food and end with a whole bunch of boring speeches. Flip your schedule and keep the attention of your guests by having speakers, presentations, and other special guests go on before the food is served. Give everyone time to mingle before they are seated, allow for enough time to get everything said and done, before having the catering staff at the venue open up the buffet or start serving plated meals at the tables. You will want to coordinate with the event staff to make sure everyone understands your scheduling plans, as most corporate events serve the meal first and save all of the speeches and presenting until afterward.

By holding off the meal until after business is conducted, you have a better chance of holding everyone’s attention and preventing people from leaving early after the meal portion is done. A lot of employees attend events at banquet rooms in Swansea just for the food, and once the food is gone, so are the employees. So if you are going out of your way to serve award winning cuisine at a place like Venus de Milo when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, you should consider creating a smart schedule with the on-site social event coordinators to help you get everything taken care of that needs to be done before anyone gets fed.

Take a Tour of The Venus!
Affectionately known by the locals as The Venus, schedule a tour of Venus de Milo and come see everything we have available for hosting corporate events in Massachusetts. Our team of social event coordinators have helped to plan everything from huge weddings to industry conferences, professional meetings to charity events, and just about anything else you could imagine in between. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to learn more about our facility, to ask about availability, or to schedule a tour. Start planning for success by hosting your next corporate event at our well-appointed banquet rooms in Swansea, MA.

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