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Big Party Event Hosting at the Banquet Hall in Swansea, MA

Big Party Event Hosting at the Banquet Hall in Swansea, MA

Hosting a big party or event can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging if you are not organized. From choosing the best party venue in the Newport area to party planning in Rhode Island, there is a lot to do. However, once you nail down the Southeastern New England event venue that you want to use for your celebration, everything else gets a little easier to manage. Knowing how much space you have to do the things you want and what options are available for tables, chairs, and displays, it all helps you to paint a picture of where things will go and how decorations will be arranged for the special event. Make sure to visit the banquet hall in Swansea, MA in person and take a tour with the on-site event staff to get ideas for set-up, staging, and scheduling throughout the big party event.

Pick a Date
Depending on the type of party that you are hosting, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, charity event, retirement party, baby shower, engagement party, or a belated wedding reception following a small destination ceremony, you need to pick a date. Once you choose a date, you can secure the party venue in the Newport area and start sending out your invitations. Some parties can be planned months in advance, while others can be a little short notice. Just make sure to communicate with the venue as soon as you can so you can get the date that you desire most for your special day. Depending on the time of year, the calendar may be quite full, so be prepared to be flexible and consider daytime celebrations instead of evening parties, or weekday gatherings instead of Saturday night bashes.

Make the Guest List
Who do you want to come to your big party? One of the most important aspects of party planning in Rhode Island is to decide who is invited to the celebration. Give the venue a rough estimate of the number of guests that you anticipate, and then communicate with them once you create your guest list and then again once you have received all the RSVPs. This is an important part of securing the Southeastern New England event venue. The cost for most hosted parties is based on the number of guests. So, if you say you are having 500 people showing up, but only 325 actually come to the party, you could be paying for an extra 175 people who didn’t even come to the celebration. Ask questions about guests, head counts, and costs per guest when you speak with the event coordinator at the venue.

Choose a Theme
Not every party will have a clear theme, but when you host a party with a theme, it makes it a lot easier to decorate and have everything work together properly. Some themes are color-based, meaning that you can just pick a couple of coordinating colors or an entire rainbow of colors, and use that as your guiding force when picking a cake, choosing menu items, and selecting decorations. You can even incorporate the theme into the invitations if you decide on something early on in the process. This will help to set the tone for the entire event at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA.

Themes can also be based on the type of party you are throwing. A homecoming dance for the local high school could have a theme that includes the school mascot and colors. A retirement party could have a theme that represents what the guest of honor will be doing after he or she retires – a trip around the world, an island vacation, or a move to a warmer climate. A birthday party or an anniversary party could have a theme that reflects the interests of the guest of honor, such as sports, hobbies, favorite movies, etc. Just make sure that you choose a theme for the Southeastern New England event venue that the person will appreciate. Something that doesn’t embarrass, but that will show them how much you care.

Consider Outside Vendors
You may also want to include outside vendors in your party planning in Rhode Island. A DJ or live band so that guests can dance the night away is a popular choice. Entertainment acts, such as a live performer, can be a huge draw for guests. Other outside vendor options include special speakers, an emcee, a special cake bakery, specialty treat vendors, and much more. Just make sure to discuss your ideas for bringing in outside vendors to the party venue in the Newport area. Outside vendors must be licensed and insured to be approved at most venues, so it is important that you understand the rules and requirements of the banquet hall in Swansea, MA before you start writing contracts and paying money for vendors.

Tour the World-Famous Venus de Milo
If you are looking for a Southeastern New England event venue to host your big party event, make sure to schedule a tour of the world-famous Venus de Milo. Located on Route 6 in Swansea, MA, the Venus hosts events for individuals, groups, companies, and other programs from all over the South Coast region. So whether you are party planning in Rhode Island or are seeking a party venue in the Newport area, make sure to consider coming over to Swansea to take a look at all of the space, amenities, and options at our beautiful venue. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour or to learn more about all of the services we provide at our banquet hall in Swansea, MA.

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