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Challenges for a Summer Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts

Challenges for a Summer Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts

summer weddings in swansea, MAAsk just about any planner about the most popular time of year for weddings, and you will find out that the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day rank as the “busy season” for Swansea wedding reception planning. When you have your sights set on a premier wedding venue, it can pay to do your wedding reception planning at least a year in advance. Depending on when you want to get hitched and the number of guests, it might take that long to get your name on the calendar. However, don’t give up without a fight. Speak with venues as you plan your summer wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts to find alternative dates and times that might be easier to get in and put your name on the list for cancelations – believe it or not, it happens all the time.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Weddings

While some people might think that the whole goal of a summer wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts is to have it outdoors. The truth is that while the weather is better in the summer months than in the frozen days of winter, not everyone wants an outdoor wedding. Venus de Milo offers a variety of solutions for our couples to create a custom experience at our premier wedding venue, so if you want to get married outdoors and party inside where the air conditioner is running and the sun isn’t in your eyes, we can do that. If you want something else entirely, our team can accommodate you with your Swansea wedding reception planning needs.

Lighter Menus for Catering

It’s your wedding – serve what YOU want. While all those bridal magazines will tell you that you need to serve light chicken dishes, salads, and fruit to your guests, if you want a pasta-rich buffet of Italian classics or have always dreamed of a surf-and-turf menu for your special day, go ahead and include it. Wedding reception planning is about you, your tastes, and the things that you want to surround yourself with to celebrate such a big occasion. A summer wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts can have all the foods, desserts, drinks, and other catering items that you want whether it matches up with what the “wedding etiquette police” dictates, or not.

Pastel Wedding Colors

Another myth surrounding summer weddings is that you must use washed-out pastel colors. If pumpkin and cranberry are your thing, go ahead and use them in your wedding decor. You don’t have to use any specific range of hues for your wedding day no matter what anyone says. It might be more difficult to find the things you want if you wait last minute for off-season colors, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t use whatever colors you desire for your wedding day. If you are a “fall,” “spring,” or “winter,” there’s no reason you can’t choose the colors that compliment you the most and still get married in the summer.

Too Many Floral Rules

When working on wedding reception planning you will often find two schools of thought regarding a summer wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts. The first is that you must have flowers and greenery everywhere to reflect the season. The second is that there are certain flowers you simply cannot use because they will wilt in the heat. Once again, if you do your Swansea wedding reception planning for an indoor event, you won’t have to worry about sun, rain, wind, or heat ruining your special day. You can even have a “plan B” if your wedding day ends up being hotter than expected. While you can choose hardier blooms for bouquets and boutonnieres to avoid wilting, there are no limits for water submerged or vase displays, which can keep your flowers hydrated and cool.

Buttercream Cakes

As you search for ideas to use for your wedding cake, you will likely come across more fondant options than buttercream. The reason for this is that many believe you should only have a fondant cake in the summer to avoid a melting cake. However, there are ways around this if you really want a buttercream wedding cake at your premier wedding venue. The cake can be kept chilled during the ceremony and the beginning portion of the reception before being “revealed” and carted out by staff before the cutting ceremony begins. This is a great way to really feature your cake, yet protect it from the warm weather without having to sacrifice that great buttercream taste that you desire. That being said, you don’t even have to have a cake. Many couples choose cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies, and other desserts instead of the traditional wedding cake for their wedding reception planning.

Ready to Schedule a Tour?

If you are dreaming of a summer wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts the time to secure a premier venue and start all of your Swansea wedding reception planning is NOW. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our agents about scheduling a tour. Our venue .is a popular wedding spot with large, beautiful ballrooms and a wide range of amenities for you to consider for your special day. Call today to start making plans for your wedding ceremony and reception at Venus de Milo!

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