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Classic Swansea Wedding Reception Planning in Massachusetts

Classic Swansea Wedding Reception Planning in Massachusetts

There are lots of different types of wedding themes for couples to choose from, each designed to suit your interests, tastes, and budget. Once you decide on a theme, you can customize it even further by adding your personal touch. For example, a rustic theme could embrace country music, shabby chic decor, and might even mix retro or vintage styles as well. Seasonal wedding colors can play a big role in Swansea wedding reception planning at your desired MA wedding and banquet facility. The ceremony will often mirror the theme with matching colors and hints of decor, while the South Coast reception hall will be where a majority of the theme decorations and ideas are found.

What is a Classic Wedding Theme?
When it comes to choosing a theme, there are more theme ideas than can be counted. New ideas are coming together all the time, and many couples simply make up their own rules. A classic or traditional wedding theme will follow the “traditions” of marriage more than some other themes would. Again, a classic wedding at a local premiere wedding venue could still embrace decorative ideas from other themes, including vintage, modern, color-based, and interest-based. You could have a Star Wars wedding, yet adhere perfectly in every other way to a traditional wedding and still call it classic. So what makes a wedding classic?

Tiered wedding cakes, floral bouquets, a big, white wedding gown, tuxedos for the groomsmen, and coordinated dresses for the bridesmaids. The father-daughter dance, tossing the bouquet, the best man toast, formal invitations, and a plated, seated dinner. These are all things that you expect to find at a traditional wedding. Many modern weddings employ other ideas, such as a display of fruited pies or stacked cupcakes instead of the tiered cake. They will also feature non-traditional attire for the bridal party and the bride and groom. The decorations at the MA wedding and banquet facility will also be less traditional. However, a wedding theme can be anything you want it to be. There are no hard and fast rules about what you can and cannot do. But if you want a classic or traditional wedding, you need to include all of the traditional rules, etiquette, and ideas of a classic American wedding.

Centerpieces & Decor
While trendy weddings might have DIY centerpieces made from unusual materials, a traditional wedding will feature floral centerpieces adorned with ribbons. Traditional flowers tend to include roses, baby’s breath, and a few other types of basic blooms. While other flowers can be added, it is best to stick to the traditions and not go too far outside the box in your planning. Flowers can be real or silk, which can sometimes be rented from the premiere wedding venue as part of the overall wedding package. Speak with the Swansea wedding reception planning staff at the facility about recommended vendors for flowers or anything else that you want to be included for your special day.

Other areas that need to be decorated at the South Coast reception hall for the celebration include the cake table, gift table, bridal party table, the dance floor, and the entrance. A traditional receiving line should be employed, providing the couple with a chance to shake hands with everyone at the wedding and say thank-you to them for attending. At the end of the evening, a traditional well-wishing line should be organized so that guests can say goodbye to the couple as they leave for their honeymoon together when the reception activities are over. Throwing rice or other items that must be cleaned up is frowned upon at most establishments, so it is best to ask the event coordinator before making plans.

Cake, Food & Refreshments
Another important part of Swansea wedding reception planning is in the selection of the cake, food, and refreshments that will be served at the premiere wedding venue. Work with the facility regarding the menu, selecting options that will please most of the guests and fit within your budget. Buffet style or served plated meals are both acceptable for a traditional wedding reception at a South Coast reception hall. Tables should be arranged banquet style with eight to ten guests per table. A seating chart should be created in advance of the event to ensure that everyone sits with people that they know – and get along with – during the celebration. Table numbers and names should be used to make sure everyone knows where to go when they arrive after the ceremony.

As mentioned previously, the cake for a traditional ceremony must be a minimum of three tiers. The top tier is for the bride and groom to keep and consume on their first wedding anniversary. The cake topper should be traditional and go along with the underlying theme. The cake itself should be a traditional vanilla and buttercream, with classic adornments of floral and ribbon created out of frosting. Cake can be served to guests from matching sheet cake versions of the wedding cake for faster and easier service, which is an excellent idea for large receptions. Speak with the venue about cake cutting services or to find out if the bakery staff can be made available for this type of service. The bride and groom should not be up there all night cutting cake for guests.

Visit the World-Famous Venus de Milo
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