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Corporate Events in Swansea: How to Host a Meaningful Event

Corporate Events in Swansea: How to Host a Meaningful Event

Anyone can host a seminar. You hire a speaker, book a room, tell your employees to attend, serve some coffee and refreshments, and that’s it. Seriously, that’s all it takes. Unfortunately, most corporate seminars and events are boring. They provide absolutely no educational or informational value, and everyone comes away feeling as though they just wasted their time. To avoid hosting an empty seminar event that is void of value and inspiration, it pays to plan ahead. Work toward the idea of hosting a meaningful event that will provide attendees with something that they can use to increase sales, boost traffic, improve marketing or whatever it is that they have come to learn how to do.

Pick a Good Venue
There’s nothing quite like having to sit in a musty-smelling motel conference room for several hours to get the creative juices flowing. The best thing you can do to start your corporate events in Swansea off on the right foot is to find the best conference center in Southeastern New England to host your business gathering. Take some time and actually tour these locations before you just choose a meeting and event space in Swansea, MA at random. Venus de Milo is a world-famous venue that hosts hundreds of social, personal, and corporate events each year, including weddings, company dinners, industry expositions, and much more.

Whether you are planning a small seminar series just for your own staff or if you are hosting corporate events in Massachusetts for a much wider audience, you can get the space you need and all the amenities you require at Venus de Milo. Our on-site event coordinators can help you with all of the details, from picking the right size space to organizing decor, signage, and refreshments. We do everything in-house and have a list of pre-approved vendors who have been vetted by our team to provide you with top notch service. Schedule a tour at our event center and learn all you can about the options available for corporate events in Swansea.

Set Goals and Realistic Expectations
Thanks to the internet, people have shorter attention spans than ever before. We have summed up entire conversations and points of view to 140 characters or less, become content to watch a video of someone doing something instead of reading how to do it ourselves, and chosen to read memes about current events rather than watching the news. It is important to set goals for your event at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA.

What do you want to do during the gathering? Do you want a speaker to provide information that can be integrated into the workplace? Do you want to include training seminars that show people how to do things in a step-by-step manner? Do you want to inspire your attendees to want to do more, be more, and grow in their knowledge? Whatever your goals, you need to make sure they are clearly stated, and the activities that you choose to include during the event need to provide the tools to accomplish your goals.

Create a Schedule
Having a schedule is important. Make sure to include restroom breaks, meal breaks, and time for Q&A after each speaker concludes their time. Your audience will need time to get up, stretch, grab some refreshments, check e-mail and other messages. Design small workshops throughout the day that deal with specific topics, but bring it all together at the end with the big name guest speaker that everyone wants to see and hear. Invite the speaker to attend your corporate dinner or other end-of-event celebration at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA. You may find that the speaker will be pleased to chat with attendees afterward and share even more information.

BONUS TIP – Have good quality refreshments. Speak with the conference center in Southeastern New England about getting a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, lemonade, etc. and a nice array of snacks that can be consumed throughout the day. Pick a nice lunch or dinner menu that will show guests just how much effort was put into hosting corporate events in Massachusetts.

Visit Venus de Milo
When planning corporate events in Swansea and the surrounding area, be sure to schedule a tour of the world-famous Venus de Milo and seriously consider it for your special gathering. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our on-site event coordinators. We can answer questions about our meeting and event space in Swansea, MA, as well as provide you with details regarding availability for your desired date block.

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