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Corporate Events in Swansea: Plan a Successful Awards Banquet

Corporate Events in Swansea: Plan a Successful Awards Banquet

One of the most challenging type of corporate events to plan is an awards banquet. Not only are there a lot of details that must be attended to in order for it to succeed, but everyone from the bosses to the employees will have high expectations. Hosting corporate events in Massachusetts can be a lot of work, but if you can locate the right venue early on in your planning, everything else will fall into place. The goal is to provide guests with a memorable evening, filled with great food and fun memories. If you are looking for meeting and event space in Swansea, MA that is large enough to accommodate your staff, consider the world-famous restaurant and corporate event center at Venus de Milo.

Step One: Secure the Venue
Schedule a tour of the facility as soon as possible and ask about availability for your Swansea, MA event planning needs. Try to have two or three dates in mind when you visit so you will be able to get the date you want without having to consult your calendar again and possibly miss an opening. Depending on the time of year, many of the meeting and event spaces in Swansea, MA fill up with conventions, business meetings, parties, weddings, and other seasonal events. Put down a deposit and start working with the on-site event coordinator right away to find out about vendor options, insurance requirements, and anything else you need to know to pull it all together.

Step Two: Don’t Try to Do Too Much
One of the biggest mistakes made by Swansea, MA event planning staff is to try to cram too many activities into one night. Create a schedule for the evening and stick with it. Plan on time for mingling as guests get seated, time for the meal to be served, time for the awards to be given, and provide each employee that is recognized with a couple of minutes to make a speech. Make sure they are aware of the time constraints so you won’t go overboard. If you will have entertainment, such as a speaker, a band, or a DJ for dancing, make sure to put this into your schedule for the venue too.

Step Three: Rehearse the Award Presentations
If you will be having awards presented by supervisors, bosses or other employees, make sure to take time to rehearse what they will say and do at the actual corporate events in Swansea ahead of time. This will avoid any confusion, nervousness or possible bloopers from occurring during the presentation. If the recipients already know that they will be getting an award, consider inviting them to the rehearsal so they will know where to go, what to do, and how much time they have to make their speech at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA.

Step Four: Select the Menu
Work with the venue for your corporate events in Swansea to choose a menu that reflects the tone of the awards banquet. If this is a once-a-year special event for your company, don’t go cheap and get the family style buffet. Consider having the meal served to guests at beautifully decorated banquet tables, adorned with centerpieces and favors. Go over every detail when hosting corporate events in Massachusetts to make sure that you have thought of every possible option. When you send out invitations, do it similar to a wedding reception, giving guests two menu choices for the entrée, such as beef, chicken, fish or pasta. You can also offer gluten-free or allergy substitute items if you are aware of any guests that have food sensitivities.

Step Five: Audio-Visual Equipment
Make sure that the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA that you choose has all of the audio-visual equipment and technology that you need to pull off your event. Swansea, MA event planning has as much to do with organization and communication with the venue as it does lining up speakers and presenters for the awards banquet. Make a list of all the things that you will need, such as microphones, video screens, lighting, and more. Discuss your needs with the on-site event coordinator where you are hosting corporate events in Massachusetts and determine whether you will need to bring in anything extra.

Host Corporate Events in Swansea at Venus de Milo
Come see the beautiful ballrooms and corporate meeting space available at the world-famous Venus de Milo for your upcoming awards dinner or business banquet. Choose from a wide selection of menu items for your guests to enjoy and discuss all of the things that you need to plan the perfect event. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour or to check on availability.

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