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DJ vs Live Band: Swansea, MA Event Planning & Entertainment

DJ vs Live Band: Swansea, MA Event Planning & Entertainment

Believe it or not, one of the biggest decisions that you will make regarding your wedding reception, aside from picking the venue, is whether you should hire a DJ or a live band to provide the music. There are definite pros and cons for both choices, so it all comes down to two things: personal preference and budget. The goal is to have music – lots of your favorite tunes – playing all night long to keep all of your guests out on the dance floor as long as possible. Nobody likes a boring wedding reception. The trick is finding a DJ or a live band that will play the music that you want without you having to fuss over it and spend time making sure that it happens the way that you want it to happen.

Social event coordinators – either through the banquet hall in Swansea or as professional wedding planners – can be a big help in this arena. Chances are that the venue for your Swansea wedding reception already has a list of well-known, reliable and reputable bands and DJs from the local area. This can be extremely beneficial, as these vendors will already be pre-vetted, aware of the venue’s rules regarding insurance and set-up, and have a built-in reference from the facility. However, before you start interviewing the talent to see which service will provide you with the type and quality of music that you want, it is important to weigh the pros and the cons.

Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Reception
One of the biggest advantages of hiring a DJ to perform at your wedding reception is that you don’t have to worry about the band playing a really bad cover of your favorite songs. While some bands will just play it straight, as-is, there are others who want to put their own spin on what might be your special song, that will ruin it for you forever. When you hire a DJ, they play the actual song as recorded by the original artist or artist of your choice. You can pick any song by any singer in any genre, without worrying whether or not that 1980s hair band you just hired will be able to play your top 40 love song with all the tenderness that you want for your first dance together.

Other advantages of hiring a DJ can include:

  • non-stop music played throughout the Swansea wedding reception without breaks
  • lower cost than hiring a larger band
  • built-in emcee who can announce the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and other activities
  • requires much less space than the set-up needed for a full band
  • some DJs will even play special requests for guests if desired
  • couples can set a specific playlist to avoid songs or genres they do not like

Hiring a Live Band for Your Wedding Reception
There’s nothing quite like a live band to really get your guests up and dancing. Everyone can feel the beat of the drums, feed off the energy of the other musicians, and even connect with the singer. All “wedding singer” jokes aside, there are lots of great wedding bands available in the local area to hire for your Swansea wedding reception. If your reception has a specific theme, you can hire a band to match the mood. If the couple enjoys a specific type of music, such as jazz, swing, rock or pop, you can hire a band that will stick to that specific genre. While it may cost a little more to hire a band than a DJ, there are just so many advantages to hiring a live band, especially if it fits well with your other plans for the banquet hall in Swansea.

Other advantages of hiring a live band can include:

  • serves as “entertainment” even for guests who don’t dance
  • bands will often play songs that DJs can’t get on their playlist
  • creates a great impression with one-of-a-kind music for everyone to enjoy
  • ability to adjust tempo according to the mood of the crowd
  • select the band based on the genre that they specialize in for your reception
  • great for any type of Swansea wedding reception or theme

Reserve Venus de Milo for Your Wedding Reception
Before you can hire a DJ or a band as part of your Swansea, MA event planning for a wedding reception, you first need to secure a venue. Venus de Milo can assist you in selecting the very best banquet hall in Swansea for your special day. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of our venue or to speak with our on-site social event coordinators. We can help you plan a beautiful Swansea wedding reception that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

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