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End of Year Party: Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

End of Year Party: Hosting Corporate Events in Massachusetts

If you are thinking about hosting a Fall River business party for your employees, consider hosting corporate events in Massachusetts at Venus de Milo. Selecting a beautiful venue that features a memorable menu is a great way to thank your employees for a great year and inspire them to continue giving their best in the new year. While there are a lot of holiday parties, either for Christmas or the New Year, one of the best ways to avoid the complications that can come from picking one holiday or another is to have a simple end of year party. Keep the focus on your business and on strengthening ties between departments and individual employees, and your event at our South Coast reception hall will be a hit.

Why Employee Parties are Important

Some businesses are cutting back on expenses and are eliminating things like employee parties. Unfortunately, this can be a big mistake. When you plan a party in Swansea for your team, you have the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments that have been made throughout the year and thank your employees for a job well done. Whether you decide to incorporate an awards ceremony or retirement acknowledgment segment within the party or not, it is a good idea to recognize milestone moments and achievements that went above and beyond during the year in some way.

A party is a simple reward to your employees for reaching goals, helping to create a positive image for your brand, and providing quality customer service. It is a way of letting them know how important they are to the company’s ongoing success. Employees who feel appreciated will often continue to work harder and be more productive. When you plan a party in Swansea to celebrate your staff, make sure they know that this is something that you want to do, that you look forward to planning. Put some effort into it and choose a great location that will let them know how much they mean to you for your Fall River business party.

Set Goals for the New Year

Another significant advantage of hosting corporate events in Massachusetts is to get your team motivated and pumped up for the new year by announcing new rewards for achieving goals. Some employees work better in a competitive environment, so making an announcement about new objectives, new rewards, and possibly real awards being handed out can be a great way to kick-off or end your event at the South Coast reception hall. Start a new tradition and pledge to host an equally fun and exciting party in future years to thank your employees for a job well-done.

Play Santa to Your Team

Decide ahead of time if this will be an employee-only event or if you want to invite spouses and families. If your employees have a lot of children, consider giving out gifts. You don’t need to dress up as Santa or even invite a Santa to the party out of respect for other faiths, but handing out little token gifts to the kids is a great way to increase company loyalty. If you want to keep the party adults-only, consider handing out favors or gifts to your employees directly or give nice gift cards out so they can go out for dinner or enjoy a movie with their spouse. This is a beautiful gesture, especially if there are a lot of late nights at the office that requires employees to miss family dinners and events during big projects.

Serve a Quality Meal

If you have ever been to a typical Fall River business party, you know that the meal that gets served is often a buffet or a series of appetizers instead of a sit-down dinner. Work with the South Coast reception hall to ensure that your guests feel appreciated with every course that gets served. Hosting corporate events in Massachusetts is easy when you choose a professional venue that has a world-wide reputation for serving some of the best food in New England. Venus de Milo offers a broad range of menu options, including local seafood, cultural themes, and combinations of beef, poultry, fish, and pork. Work with the on-site event coordinator to plan a party in Swansea that will “wow” your guests and make a positive impression. This is your chance to show them how much you appreciate all their hard work, so make sure the food you have served speaks volumes.

Visit Venus de Milo

Schedule a tour of our venue so you can see for yourself all of the great space, menu items, and decorative options available at our South Coast reception hall. Located on Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Swansea, we are convenient to guests coming from all over Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our event coordinators to start planning your end of the year party in Swansea, MA today!

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