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Fall River, MA Event Planning: Coordinating a Family Reunion

Fall River, MA Event Planning: Coordinating a Family Reunion

family-reunionWhen you are planning a family reunion, it’s more than just about you and your close family. A family reunion is when you open up the event to cousins, second cousins and distant relatives that you haven’t seen in years – or have never met in your entire life. A family reunion can easily swell from the 25 people that you initially invite to well over 200 or more guests. It pays to work with a venue that is experienced in medium to large sized parties for local Swansea, MA event planning.

While many families choose to host their reunions at local parks or other cheap venues, it can be a nice touch to instead invite everyone to come to a local award winning restaurant. The Venus de Milo is one of the top ten restaurants in New England, boasting rave reviews from critics and top chefs like Emeril Lagasse alike. With large, spacious ballrooms and amazing buffet and food options, your family members will be proud to reunite at such a beautiful and well-appointed location.

The Basics of Big Event Planning
Before you start paying for things or securing a location, it is helpful to speak with your family members to find out if they are even interested in attending a family reunion. You might be surprised to discover that not everyone wants to get together. For those that do, make sure to start planning a family reunion far enough in advance that people can get time off of work, move around personal schedules and travel – if they live out of the area. Consider sending out a “save the date” or another type of pre-event invitation to gauge the interest of your relatives.

Start by making a list. Begin with your own local family tree and work your way out. Start marking in cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the dozens of children and grand-children that have been born since the last time you all got together. The closer you are to having an understanding of the number of family members that might attend, the easier it will be to secure the right amount of space at your local event venue. Begin gathering email addresses or mailing addresses so you can send out feelers about the event. All of this should start at least a year in advance of the event you hope to host at your local award winning restaurant.

Making Reservations and Plans
The next step of planning a family reunion at the Venus de Milo, one of the top ten restaurants in New England is to take a tour of the facility and put down a reservation hold. Remember that while the summer months are popular for family reunions, they are also extremely popular for weddings and wedding receptions, which are both held at this premiere venue. Swansea, MA event planning should center around when everyone will be available, but should also take into consideration the time of year, the popularity of the venue and the amount of space that will be required.

Depending on the number of guests you will also need to consider:

  • the amount of time required to plan the event in advance
  • the cost for the venue where you are planning a family reunion, based upon each individual guest and then figured by the number of guests per family
  • any activities, entertainment or presentations that you will want to make during the event
  • catering options at the award winning restaurant, taking into consideration any food allergies or whether you need a vegetarian, diabetic or gluten-free option
  • how long the event will last – how long you will need the space and any fees for running over the allotted time, if that is a possibility

Beyond the Family Dinner
You might also want to consider planning other activities for the weekend outside of hosting your main dinner at one of the top ten restaurants in New England. If you have a lot of family members coming in from out of town, maybe consider a group trip to a fun park, out for a movie or some other memorable activity. Perhaps use the trip to Venus de Milo, the local award winning restaurant as the “ice breaker” for the rest of the weekend and then meet up at a local park or recreation center for a big picnic, BBQ or family Olympics event.

However you decide to do it, planning a family reunion can be a huge undertaking. Just make sure that when you get involved in Swansea, MA event planning that you contact Venus de Milo to reserve your space as soon as you get the date and numbers nailed down. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to host your family reunion dinner here, so give us a call at 508-678-3901 and schedule a tour and an estimate for your big event right away.

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