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Fall River Wedding Planner Tips for Classic Wedding Reception

Fall River Wedding Planner Tips for Classic Wedding Reception

Fall River Wedding Planner - Classic WeddingTiming is everything when it comes to plotting out everything that will happen at your wedding reception. The team at your local MA wedding and banquet facility can help you make sure that everything is “ready to roll” according to your schedule, but ultimately you will want to have a coordinator take control. This can be a sibling, best friend, or a professional wedding planner and organizer. Either way, having someone who is working directly for you to make sure that everything goes the way you imagined it is worth their weight in gold. The wedding reception is one of the biggest parts of your wedding, so it pays to take the time to work out all of your Swansea wedding planning details ahead of time.

Creating a Schedule

Whether you work with a Fall River wedding planner or have a well-organized friend who can take the reigns for you, it all starts at the Southcoast reception hall where you will host your celebration. Once you have secured the venue, bring your coordinator with you for a second tour of the facility. This is where you will block out all of the wedding reception activities that will take place. Everything from the best man’s toast to the tossing of the bouquet should be planned out in advance. Everyone who is involved in the wedding will need to know where they will be standing, what time they need to be there, and all of the props or items that are required to pull it off needs to be prepared, ready, and available.

  • Cocktail Hour (1 hour) – As you might have guessed, the cocktail hour should last an hour. This is typically the time when guests move from the ceremony into the reception area or travel from the ceremony venue to the reception venue and begin to mingle with other guests, sign the guestbook, and place their gifts. Make sure to work with the MA wedding and banquet facility to serve hors-d’oeuvres and drinks before the main reception begins.
  • Seating Time (15 minutes) – Have the emcee announce that guests should be seated. Provide a seating chart at the entrance to the Southcoast reception hall so everyone will be able to easily find where they should go. If you need to post someone to this area to guide people to their seats, delegate a couple of groomsmen.
  • Formal Entrance (15 minutes) – This is the time when the emcee announces the family, wedding party, and the bride and groom. This should be fun and involve immediate family members and anyone else that you want to participate. Play some music and consider having a red carpet experience for everyone to walk down as they make their way into the reception hall. Your Fall River wedding planner on-site can help give everyone their cues to enter.
  • Welcome Speech (15 minutes) – Either the bride and groom or the parents of the bride and groom can take on this task. Welcome everyone to the MA wedding and banquet facility, thank everyone for coming, and congratulate the couple. This is a great time for someone to make a blessing before the dinner is served.
  • Dinner Service (1 hour) – The bride and groom should be served first, then the wedding party, family of the couple, and then all other guests. Try to eat quickly and then make your way around the venue to greet all your guests by going table to table. Give at least a couple minutes per table, so no one feels left out.
  • Toast Time (30 minutes) – As guests are finishing up their meals, this is a good time for the best man and maid of honor to get up and make their toasts. Again, your Fall River wedding planner or coordinator should get them up and ready. Have the MA wedding and banquet facility serve the champagne to everyone ahead of time, so they are ready to raise a glass for the toast.
  • Dancing (1 hour) – Start with the “first dance” with the couple, then move on to family dances with the groom and his mother, followed by the bride with her father. Open up the dance floor to everyone and just enjoy this part of the celebration. You can mix in the bouquet toss, garter toss, or any other fun activities at this time while everyone is up and on the dance floor.
  • Cake Cutting (30 minutes) – The cake cutting ceremony is the signal to your guests that the party is nearly over. The bride and groom cut their pieces of cake and serve them to each other. Dessert should then be served to guests, providing everyone with ample time to finish eating and enjoy a coffee before the party is over.
  • Grand Exit (5-10 minutes) – The DJ should tell all guests to make their way outside for the grand exit to your getaway car. This is a nice way to get everyone headed out to the parking lot and ready to leave, making it easy for you to get started on your honeymoon.

Check with the MA wedding and banquet facility about time limits, rules for cleanup, and anything else that you will need to know for your Swansea wedding planning. You should recruit a cleanup team so you’ll be able to leave on your honeymoon without worrying about who stuck around to remove decorations and clean the venue.

Schedule a Tour of Venus de Milo and speak with our on-site planning team to go over your ideas for the perfect wedding reception. We can answer any questions you might have about our Southcoast reception hall or help you select a date. Give us a call at 508-678-3901.

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