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Honoring a Sister or a Friend: Planning a Bridal Shower in MA

Honoring a Sister or a Friend: Planning a Bridal Shower in MA

With all of the craziness that can occur amid the build-up between the engagement party and wedding reception in Swansea, MA, it is good to take a moment to honor the couple and share your happiness with them for finding that special someone in their life. A bridal shower in Massachusetts is a great way to treat the bride to a day of fun, excitement, and enjoyment with her closest friends, sisters, and family. Planning a bridal shower does not have to be stressful, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You don’t have to do anything over-the-top or host it at a unique location. You could even host it at the same Southeastern Massachusetts party venue where the reception will take place or choose a location that is closer to home.

Who Should You Invite?

It can be a challenge to know who you should invite when planning a bridal shower. While you want to make sure that everyone close to the bride-to-be will be there, you also don’t want to overwhelm here with a guestlist that is too large. You also need to know which people are closest to her and which ones are just acquaintances. Start by looking at the wedding party, the maid-of-honor, and bridesmaids. Consider any female siblings that might not be part of the wedding party, as well as any close cousins, moms, aunts, and grandmothers. This is a woman’s core group – the individuals who make an impact on her life that she will want to be surrounded by on this special day.

As the planner of this bridal shower in Massachusetts, you should know the bride well enough to know who should be invited – and who should not. If you don’t, you might want to ask another close friend or relative to help you with the planning at the Southeastern Massachusetts party venue. Make sure to invite the soon-to-be in-laws as well, including sisters, close cousins, moms, and grandmothers of the groom. If there is conflict on either side of the family, you might want to avoid certain individuals. Still, for the most part, this is the guide that you should follow for the bridal shower and any other events leading up to the ceremony and wedding reception in Swansea, MA.

What Should You Do at the Party?

There are mixed ideas on what should be done at a bridal shower in Massachusetts. Some see it as a great way to have a nice afternoon luncheon or tea while showering the bride-to-be with gifts and well-wishes for her future, while others consider it a sort of pre-bachelorette party. If you are inviting close family and future in-laws, you should avoid the bachelorette party vibe just to ensure that the bride-to-be is not uncomfortable, even if she might be open to that type of celebration with her wedding party peeps just before the wedding day. Keep it light and sweet, friendly, and positive, and think carefully about any activities that might make the bride nervous, embarrassed, or uncomfortable. After all, this is supposed to be her special day – it should be a very positive experience.

Include special foods, decorations, games, and other activities that really embrace the bride-to-be and who she is as a person. There are lots of great themes that you can use when planning a bridal shower, such as a grown-up tea party with a wide selection of teas from all over the world, light finger sandwiches, and tasty desserts; a seasonal theme that embraces all of the colors and tastes that she has chosen for her wedding; a similar theme to the actual wedding – without overshadowing anything that will be at the wedding – the options are endless. Consider a fancy plated food service, buffet-style offering, or even a passed hors D’oeurves cocktail party, which can occur early in the morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on availability at the Southeastern Massachusetts party venue of your choice.

When Should the Party Happen?

There are a lot of parties and events leading up to the ceremony and wedding reception in Swansea, MA, that will require the bride-to-be’s attention. Consider hosting a bridal shower in Massachusetts approximately 30-days before the big day to give her time to enjoy both events as separate celebrations. However, if key individuals will only be in town for the week or weekend of the wedding, it is not unheard of to consider planning a bridal shower for the same week as the wedding itself. Just make sure to check with the bride to confirm her availability. She will have a rehearsal dinner, final dress fittings, vendor meetings, and other very important things that she will be doing in that last week.

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