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Host a Charity Fundraising Event at Swansea Banquet Facility

Host a Charity Fundraising Event at Swansea Banquet Facility

One of the best ways to bring money in for your local charity is to host a fundraising event. While some fundraisers can be held pretty much anywhere, if you are hosting a large event that is on the scale with premier social gatherings and special occasions, you need to find a truly special venue. Start your search by looking for a Southeastern Massachusetts event venue that can accommodate the number of guests that you are hoping to attract. Venus de Milo is the largest MA wedding and banquet facility in the South Coast area, which makes it perfect for any size event you want to hold. Don’t waste your time with smaller banquet halls in Swansea, MA that will only hold 100-200 guests. If you are hosting a large-scale event, you need a large-scale venue.

Step One: Set Fundraising Goals
How much do you need to raise to make the event worth your while? Are you fundraising for a specific expense, such as a new building or a special project? You will want to express that in the advertising or promotional tools used to attract guests to the venue. For example, a pet rescue center might host a local concert to raise money for a new veterinary care center or to expand the current facility space. Your guests will be more willing to donate if they have an idea of where their money would be going.

Step Two: Create a Budget
While some of the expenses that you will have for a fundraising event at the local MA wedding and banquet facility will be donated, others will need to be paid for just like any other social gatherings and special occasions. Entertainment vendors, caterers, prizes, security, photographers and, of course, the banquet hall in Swansea, MA will all come at a price. Make sure to figure all of this in when you create a budget and figure out how you will be able to pay for it. If you have regular donors, you might be able to get your expenses at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue taken care of to assist with the fundraising goals.

Step Three: Identify Your Target Demographics
Who will you be catering to with this particular event? Depending on the charity that you are raising money for, you will want to plan your fundraiser accordingly. For example, if you are want to help a program that provides instruments to low-income students as part of a larger music or arts program at the local public school, you might want to put on a concert. Try to get a “big name” act to come and perform for free to benefit the charity or see if you can get a popular local band to come and support the program. It is important to know your demographic, the type of person, the age of the individual, interests of that person, and any other data that you can collect, of the group that would most likely support your charity event at a local MA wedding and banquet facility.

Step Four: Book the Venue
If you haven’t done so already, book the venue as soon as you can. Remember that most of the Southeastern Massachusetts event venues do more than just basic social gatherings and special occasions, they also do corporate events, weddings, receptions, and big parties. Some will even do proms and homecoming dances. So make sure you reserve your space as far in advance as possible so you can start promoting the event to your target demographic.

Step Five: Market the Event Everywhere
Start advertising the event, posting up flyers around town, asking local stores to put flyers up in their windows, ask for donated airtime on local radio and television stations – just do whatever you can to make sure that you get the word out about the event. Ask the MA wedding and banquet facility about other marketing options that they have used for similar fundraising events in the past. They might be able to connect you with individuals who can help spread the word about your gathering at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA.

Choose the Best Venue
When it is your goal to try and raise money for your charity, make sure to pick the best Southeastern Massachusetts event venue for the occasion. Contact Venus de Milo by calling 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour. Our on-site event staff can help you with the details, connect you with local vendors, and assist in reserving the space that you need for your special event.

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