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Host a Family Reunion or Plan a Party in Swansea for Families

Planning a Family Reunion Party in Southeastern MassachusettsThere comes a time when you realize that the family just doesn’t get together as often as they used to when everyone was smaller and lived closer. One way to keep everyone in touch is planning a family reunion or some other type of family party event. Choosing the best South Coast event venue can be the most difficult part of the process, but once you find the banquet facility that suits your needs, you can start to plan a party in Swansea and begin inviting your family members from all over the region and all across the country.

Depending on the size of your family, chances are a backyard shindig just won’t cut it. Besides, if this is going to be a once-a-year annual event, you want to host it at a memorable location. Consider hosting your gathering at a venue that also does in-house catering and has ample space for everyone on your list. Venus de Milo is a world-famous restaurant and event venue, hosting everything from private parties to large corporate events, big weddings to anniversary celebrations, and everything in between.

The Benefits of a Planned Reunion
You might think that everyone will come to grandma’s for the holidays this year and you’ll get to see most everyone when they do. Unfortunately, the truth is that there will always be family members who can’t make it during the holidays, due to commitments at the kids’ school, work related issues, conflicts with local holiday plans, and much more. Planning a reunion during spring or summer break, as long as it doesn’t coincide with other planned vacations, can be a way to circumvent all of the other reasons why relatives won’t make the trip during other times of the year.

There is only so much communication that can happen via phone, email or even social media, especially when it comes to elderly relatives who may not want to go on the computer or, if they do, won’t go on very frequently. If you want to make an opportunity to create ties that bind with family members, from siblings to cousins, grandparents to grandchildren, and bring in family who have moved across the country or around the world, the best way to do it is planning a family reunion.

How to Plan a Party in Swansea
Once you have nailed down the South Coast event venue that best suits your needs, you can start making strategic plans for your time at the local banquet facility. Some families like to choose a brand new theme each year and also plan activities during their time together. In addition to a nice dinner and meet-up at Venus de Milo, you may want to also plan a day trip, field day activity or some other extra thing that you can all do together. This is especially true if you have a lot of people taking the whole weekend or even a week to come out to the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Schedules for this type of party should be loose, providing lots of time for story-telling, hugging, bonding, playing, eating, sharing and getting to know one another. Talent shows, special events, planned activities and other off-site ventures should be more firm. Hitting a local water park, going to the beach, taking a tour of a historic location that has ties to the family – these are all things you can do together, but individual families can opt in and out of as they desire. For example, the couple with two kids under three years of age might not be excited about a trip to a roller coaster park and the newlyweds might not want to hang out at a water park with a bunch of kids. You need to be flexible and plan accordingly.

Create a Website or Social Media Page
One way to get everyone coordinated and on the same page about everything that you are doing in planning a family reunion is to create an online presence that allows people to interject ideas, make comments, sign-up for extra off-site activities and even post pictures in advance of the event. Facebook has a lot of great tools to help you achieve all of this, but if you have a family member who works with web design, make sure to ask them about helping to create an ongoing page that you can all use throughout the year to exchange information privately.

Contact Venus de Milo for Family Party Planning
Make sure to contact our staff as soon as you decide to plan a party in Swansea. Our South Coast event venue is used all year-long for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more, so it pays to contact us about securing a date at our banquet facility and party rooms as soon as you nail down a date. Our on-site event coordinators can help connect you to pre-approved local vendors for everything from photo booths to DJs and live bands, bakeries and much more. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of our facility or to reserve a date for your upcoming family event.

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