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Host Charity Fundraiser Events for New Bedford Organizations

Host Charity Fundraiser Events for New Bedford Organizations

Professional event planning for your non-profit organization is a great way to recognize individuals for their contributions, increase donations and awareness for your cause, and establish your group within the local community. A gala is a once-a-year celebration and an excellent opportunity to bring like-minded people together to toast the success of an organization, share stories of your triumphs, and plead your case for the work that you want to accomplish going forward. Attendees can be members of your organization, folks who are putting in the hours to get the job done, as well as supporters, friends, media, and other individuals who are interested in learning more about what you do. When planned effectively, this type of event held at a South Coast event venue can increase donations and make a significant impact on the success of your non-profit.

Choose an Attractive Venue

The place where you pick to host your New Bedford special events should be attractive and create an instant impression on your guests. When attendees come to a gala, they want to experience a night to remember. Not just in the opportunity to contribute to your charity or support the work that you are doing, but to celebrate milestones within the organization and meet with other supporters to discuss important issues and events. Venus de Milo is a well-known and reputable banquet hall in Swansea, MA that has space for parties with up to 1,800 guests. We also have meeting spaces and other rooms available for special presentations, silent auctions, board meetings, and other gatherings during your event.

Meet with one of our on-site event coordinators to take a tour of our South Coast event venue. Conveniently located to guests coming from New Bedford, Fall River, Boston, Providence, and all throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Venus de Milo is the perfect venue for all of your professional event planning needs. We have all of the up-to-date audiovisual, tech services, and free Wi-Fi you need to create a well-planned presentation and gala event. We are more than just a banquet hall or wedding venue; Venus de Milo has all of the amenities, space, and reputable services you require for successful professional event planning.

Build Support for the Event

Unlike other parties where you simply book the space, order the food, send out the invites and wait for everyone to show up, New Bedford special events for a non-profit organization gala and fundraiser is a bit different. You want to ensure that the guests you invite will be likely to contribute to your cause and feel as though they are making a difference by supporting your organization. Establishing a strategy that will help to build support for the event and the non-profit will help you to increase your results. Start by looking at current and past donors to help garner support for your event. Reach out and encourage them to introduce new potential supporters to your organization and invite them to the gala.

If this is your first time hosting an event like this at a local South Coast event venue, make sure to commit to working with professional event planning services to create a positive impression. If you have hosted an event like this before, avoid getting into a rut where you serve the same food, have the same theme, invite the same speakers, and bore your guests. Work with our on-site event planners at Venus de Milo to make the most out of our banquet hall in Swansea, MA. We have over five decades of experience working with clients who have had similar goals, and we can share tips, insight, and options with you that you can use to your advantage.

Create New Methods to Support

One way to increase donations is to send out a donation page via email to your past supporters, invited guests, and registered attendees in advance of the event. Make it easy to contribute donations via smartphone, website, or another type of secured service. Include a fundraiser goal page and consider projecting it on the wall during your gala to provide guests with a LIVE update of milestones from the contributions that they have made. This can encourage those who might have thought about giving a little bit more to help you meet your goal. Include fun options for donations, such as a silent auction, prize drawing, and other reward-based incentives that will get people excited about joining in on the fun.

Take a Tour of Our Venue

If you are interested in learning more about Venus de Milo and would like to see our ballroom and meeting space for your New Bedford special events, give us a call at 508-678-3901. Our team can answer any questions about professional event planning at our facility or provide you with availability details for our banquet hall in Swansea, MA. You can also call to schedule a tour of our South Coast event venue so you can speak with our on-site event coordinators in person.

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