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Hosting a Business Luncheon: Corporate Events in Swansea, MA

Hosting a Business Luncheon: Corporate Events in Swansea, MA

Business Luncheon in MassachusettsThere are many reasons to host a business luncheon at your local banquet facility. Taking your employees or inviting colleagues and potential business partners out for a private luncheon is a great way to get business done. Whether your goal is networking, partnership building, negotiation or training, moving your business luncheon to a conference center in Southeastern New England shows everyone involved that you are serious about the business at hand.

Hosting a successful business luncheon can be a challenge – especially if you have never hosted one before. Corporate events in Swansea can be held at the world-famous Venus de Milo, a venue that is guaranteed to make a positive impression on your guests. Our facility has room for up to 1,800 guests, and our multiple ballrooms and meeting space can help you with all of your Swansea, MA event planning needs.

Step One: Create an Agenda
No successful meeting ever happened without a clear agenda. Know what you want to discuss, when you want to discuss it, and your goals regarding the outcome of the event. Speak with the on-site event coordinator at the conference center in Southeastern New England, to make sure that they have all of the equipment and options you need to pull off a successful business luncheon. Schedule breaks, speakers, meal time and anything else that you want to include. Put down general times for each event at the banquet facility just in case you require more or less time to achieve your goals.

Step Two: Plan for Some Fun
The point of hosting a luncheon instead of a serious business meeting, is to try to get people talking and discussing the business at hand. Make sure to include fun with your Swansea, MA event planning, such as a reputable speaker or some local entertainment. Provide your guests with time for one-on-one networking and mingling, and allow speakers to share personal testimonies or stories, as long as the are relevant to the subject of the event. Alcohol service is not recommended for corporate events in Swansea, unless you are having an all-day event and want to include a toast or drink ticket bar with an evening meal or networking party.

Step Three: Pay for Lunch
Whenever you invite colleagues out for a luncheon at a local banquet facility, make sure to pay for lunch. There are a lot of different types of corporate events where attendees pay to attend, but a business luncheon should be free. Contact the conference center in Southeastern New England to find out the cost per person to attend and then consider whether you will get a return on your investment or not. A lot of companies provide sponsored lunches, working in conjunction with other industry leaders and businesses to pay for the use of space, cost of food, and any other financial investments. It’s a great way to share costs and invite other colleagues to get involved.

Step Four: Provide Networking Tools
If you will be inviting a large group of individuals from various companies within your own industry or related industries, make sure to provide networking tools that will help them to connect with one another. Name tags are a great way to help people introduce themselves to each other. Interactive workshop activities are another way to go, but make sure that they are relevant to the situation. Speak with the Swansea, MA event planning staff at the venue about any audio-visual equipment that you might want to use to your advantage, showing videos, photos, and other types of presentations to help support your goals.

About Venus de Milo
The world-famous Venus de Milo is a large banquet facility and conference center in Southeastern New England. Whether you are hosting a small luncheon for a dozen or so employees, or if you are planning a larger industry-wide event, you can count on the team at The Venus. We can host corporate events in Swansea for small groups or larger events up to 1,8000 guests. Our ballroom spaces allow for separate meeting and meal spaces, as well as break-out rooms and VIP spaces throughout your event. Contact our Swansea, MA event planning team by calling 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of our facility or to secure a date for your event.

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