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Hosting a Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

Hosting a Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

ceremony-and-receptionA great way to save money and create a convenient experience for everyone involved is to host your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in Swansea, MA at the same venue. Fortunately, the South Coast area has a beautiful, premiere wedding venue that can accommodate couples who want to have it all in one place. The world-famous Venus de Milo is a well-known Massachusetts wedding and banquet facility that has everything you could ever want, from elegant ballrooms, amazing food and beautiful bridal rooms.

How to Make the Transition
Perhaps the biggest questions that most couples have with regard to hosting their entire wedding day at the same location is how to make the transition between ceremony and reception. In some situations, the transition can be purely physical, with the ceremony being hosted at one end of the ballroom and the focus of the reception being hosted at the other end. Once the ceremony is over, the staff can move the wedding arch or altar, replacing it with the wedding cake, gift table, guest book or buffet tables for the dinner. Guests face the other end of the hall, where the bridal party table is set up for toasts and well-wishes, as the change of direction and point of view really helps with the transition.

Another idea is to make the transition with the help of the band or DJ. Once the ceremony is finished and the couple are presented to the guests, music can be played that transitions everyone from a formal wedding setting to a more casual reception party atmosphere. The bride and groom can head out of the ballroom to spend some time together to reflect on the day, just as they would in the limo transition ride from the church to the hall. Our beautiful bridal rooms can be used for this purpose. The DJ can announce your return, just as would have happened when you entered the reception after a church wedding. This is when having an experienced DJ with emcee experience can be very beneficial.

It Happens More Than You Think
According to a recent study of weddings in the United States, nearly 25 percent of all formal weddings that were hosted in recent years were hosted at the same premiere wedding venue. Our Massachusetts wedding and banquet facility can help you to make this transition seamlessly and our team of experienced event planners can assist in making sure that you have all of the elements that you want included in your special day. When you choose a quality venue for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, it makes all the difference.

The money that you save by not hosting your special day at two locations can be invested in hosting the day at one amazing location. You will also save on decorations, as you will only have to decorate one location. A limo is not required to shuttle the wedding party from location to location, so there is another way that hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location can save. With all of these savings, you can invest more in your cake, flowers, wedding dress or anything else special that you thought you might not be able to afford – or upgrade your honeymoon!

Other Benefits to Using One Wedding Venue
In addition to all of the financial savings, convenience for guests and methods available for making a smooth transition that you can use to your advantage, there are still other benefits to choosing to host both your ceremony and wedding reception in Swansea, MA at Venus de Milo. Not only will you get to invite your guests to our premiere wedding venue and enjoy the use of our beautiful bridal rooms, but you will also get all of the other advantages that come just from choosing the Venus for your Massachusetts wedding and banquet facility.

Some of those other benefits include:

  • being able to set all of your dates and coordinate vendors at one location
  • one-time parking situation for all guests and the bridal party
  • rules and conditions to follow for one location
  • ability to keep all of your things like change of clothes, extra shoes, makeup, etc. in one of our beautiful bridal rooms all day without having to move around
  • guests can start immediately enjoying the reception entertainment and dancing while you are out taking bridal party photos
  • use of an on-site event coordinator at Venus de Milo who can help you with scheduling and other essential arrangements

Reserve Your Space at Our Premiere Wedding Venue
If you are looking for the best place to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, take a look at Venus de Milo. We are both a well-known, world-renowned restaurant and an elegant Massachusetts wedding and banquet facility with lots of great space for your special day. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to find out more about our venue or to schedule an appointment to reserve space for your wedding.

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