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How to Host a Bingo Fundraiser for Charity in Swansea, MA

How to Host a Bingo Fundraiser for Charity in Swansea, MA

host-charity-fundraiserIf you have ever gone to a charity fundraiser, you likely know that they are almost always the same. Especially when they are hosted at banquets and restaurant locations. Everyone piles in to the reception hall and politely sits around the table, as boring food and conversation are served. Sometimes a brief presentation or award is given, but mostly it’s just about raising money per plate that is sold for the dinner. Social event coordinators swarm the place and they try to bill the fundraiser under social gatherings and special events, but the truth is that most people either know everyone else because it’s the same people every time or they know no one and there’s no attempt to remedy the situation.

Planning an Exciting Fundraiser
Why not do a fundraiser that puts the “FUN” back in fundraiser for a change? You can still host it at nice banquets and restaurant locations, such as the beautiful Venus de Milo banquet hall in Swansea, MA, and then offer some form of interactive entertainment that allows guests to play games and win prizes. Forget about the Bingo that you played as a kid or the Bingo that your great-grandmother used to play at the church, setting up a Bingo fundraiser can be a huge blast of excitement that will get everyone involved and making money for your non-profit organization or group in no time.

The tools you need to host a Bingo fundraiser include:

  • a large banquet hall with lots of space for tables and chairs
  • Bingo supplies, including cards, daubers and a ping pong ball number picker
  • a Bingo caller to pick the numbers one at a time, mark them on a list and call them
  • volunteers to check the Bingo cards to verify a winning card

You can either purchase these items from a Bingo or game supply store, or you can make them yourself. The supplies needed are quite simple, so you can print out call sheets, Bingo cards and mark your own Bingo balls or buy them pre-made. You can usually find a very affordable Bingo game set at most party stores or game stores that won’t cost a lot of money. Make sure you speak with the social event coordinators at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA to make sure it’s okay to host a Bingo night at their location.

How It Works
Once your guests start arriving at the banquets and restaurant locations for your Bingo fundraiser, they have a chance to purchase a Bingo card and other opportunities to win prizes. Suggested amounts would be $20-25 per pack of Bingo cards, $5 for a special “keepsake” dauber that has your charity foundation information printed on it, $1-10 donations for special raffle drawings throughout the night for additional prizes. Pick prizes for each of the Bingo games and bigger prizes for the raffle drawing prizes. Work with sponsors who donate items, such as fancy dinners, movie theater tickets, car washes and other popular services from local store owners and vendors.

Go around to these businesses ahead of time and ask if they have any services that they would like to donate to your cause. Use an official flyer to also invite them to any of the social gatherings and special events that you are hosting for the charity in advance of or at the actual fundraising event. Make sure to promote each of the sponsor’s in return for their generosity, both on your charity website by using a small logo for each business, and at the charity event when you announce the prize for each round or drawing. Products and physical items can also be donated and again, should give credit to the business or individual who donates them.

Other Ways to Raise Money
Speak with the social event coordinators at the Venus de Milo banquet hall in Swansea, MA about any rules or restrictions with regard to the things that you can sell or do during your fundraising event. Other ways that you can raise money during the event include putting out a donations jar for people to put in dollars, change and checks throughout the event if they want to donate something more or don’t want to play Bingo. You can also host a silent auction, which allows attendees to write down bids for donated items that are placed out on the tables throughout the venue. The winning bid gets the item and the winners are announced after the last Bingo games have ended for the night, along with the raffle drawing winners.

You can also sell food or beverages where proceeds go directly to the charity or cause. Speak with the people in charge of social gatherings and special events at the banquets and restaurant locations to find out whether this would be OK. You can treat it as a bake sale or dessert sale, and run it just as you would any other sale of this type. Place the treats on large tables with simple, easy-to-read price tags or allow guests to pay and donate what they think they are worth. Sometimes this approach can increase donations, depending on the crowd that you attract.

Contact Venus de Milo for Local Fundraisers
If you are interested in hosting your charity fundraiser at the beautiful Venus de Milo banquet hall in Swansea, MA, give us a call at 508-678-3901. Speak with one of our on-site event coordinators to learn more about availability on your desired date or to ask for a tour of our reception hall area for social gatherings and special events. Call today and start planning your fundraiser right away!

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