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How to Host Fundraiser Events in Swansea for Charity Groups

Fundraising EventsHosting a special event at a well-known Southeastern Massachusetts event venue is a great way for an organization to raise money for a specific cause. Finding the best banquet hall in Swansea, MA that can handle you and all of your guests is the first challenge. The second would be to learn how to employ professional event planning tactics so you can pull off the special event without any complications. A successful event will bring in needed funds for your organization and it will also help to get the name and purpose of your charity out in front of the public and throughout the community.

If this is your first time working to host fundraiser events in Swansea or anywhere else in the South Coast region, you will want to spend a lot of time planning in advance. However, as soon as you know when you want to hold your event, you will want to secure the venue. Venus de Milo is a world-famous facility that has hosted everything from large business conferences to grand weddings, family reunions to charity events and everything in between. You can count on the experience of our professional event planning staff to help steer you in the right direction and assist you in finding the best options for your venue.

Selecting a Focus for Your Event
While it would be nice to just throw a banquet dinner and invite everyone to come in the hopes that they will contribute to your charity, it actually requires a little bit more on your part. Some charities do well with banquet dinners, which can surely be held at Venus de Milo in style, but they also bring in special guests, featured entertainment and other activities to attract guests to come in the first place. A special speaker, a unique performance, a raffle giveaway of some exciting donated gifts – there are lots of ways that you could go when you host an event at our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue.

Here are some other popular options used for fundraising events:

  • Wine Tasting – An elegant event that really doesn’t require a lot of professional event planning. Work with our on-site coordinators to plan out the space and stage the event, while contacting a local winery to get donations of popular bottles. It is a win-win for the winery, getting a chance to promote their products and getting a tax write-off for donating to your charitable organization. Attendees get the best of both worlds as well, an opportunity for local wine tasting and socializing, while also donating to a charity that they believe in and want to support.
  • Concerts – This can be any type of musical event, including a popular rock or country star, an orchestra or quartet, a singing group or other type of performer. This is a fun way to get people excited about your charity and out to your event at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA. You can work with the performer and have a portion of ticket proceeds going to the charity in addition to other opportunities to donate and support. T-shirts, wrist bands, hats, stickers and more can all be sold to help get the word out about your charity in the local community and to support the event.
  • Tournaments – People love a good competition. Golf, tennis, baseball, basketball – you name it – sports tournaments are a great way to raise money for your charity. While you might host the actual tournament at a local golf course or sports facility, you can host the fundraising portion of the event at our beautiful Southeastern Massachusetts event venue. A follow-up banquet dinner, awards ceremony or recognition luncheon can be hosted at Venus de Milo to help bring everyone together to celebrate the success of the tournament after the game is over.
  • Auctions – There are a lot of different types of auctions that you can use to host fundraiser events in Swansea. Auctioning off automobiles, antiques and other valuable items, as well as bachelor or bachelorette auctions for charities are very popular among donors. Just make sure that an auction is appropriate for the type of charity that you are promoting and speak with the professional event planning staff at Venus de Milo about how to best use the banquet hall in Swansea, MA to your advantage.

Other ideas can include sponsored charity walks, a “casino night” charity games event, fashion shows with local merchants, benefit dinners, carnivals, ladies’ luncheons, food sales and events that focus on families and groups that would benefit directly from your charity. This is the time to get creative and choose something that will be fun and exciting for donors, participants and sponsors alike.

Call Venus de Milo to Get Started
If you are planning to host fundraiser events in Swansea or the surrounding area, contact our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue by calling 508-678-3901. Our professional event planning staff can help you choose the best space at our banquet hall in Swansea, MA to host your special charity event. Call today to schedule a tour of our world-famous facility or to find out about availability for your desired date.

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