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How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding Reception in Massachusetts

How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding Reception in Massachusetts

wedding-receptionSome people think that planning wedding ceremony is a lot of work, but then those people probably have never had to plan the reception. When you plan the ceremony, you simply choose a location for the wedding to take place, pick out the dresses and suits for the wedding party, get the tux for the groom, the gown for the bride, plan the music and choose the flowers. Beyond that, there really isn’t much to it outside of getting everyone together to witness you say, “I do.”

Planning a wedding reception in Swansea, MA can require a lot more of your time and energy than you might think. In fact, outside of the wedding dress, the cost for hosting a reception at a local wedding and banquet will often outweigh the money investment into the entire ceremony. It is important to choose a wedding banquet and facility that has all of the features that you require and an on-site event coordinator to help you sort out the details.

How Social Event Coordinators Can Help

You know you are working with a quality venue when they offer you the use of their on site social event coordinators to help with all of the planning. A coordinator will take care of all the details regarding your wedding reception and even assist in getting all of the vendors together to ensure that you have all of the details that you want included for your special day.

Social event coordinators make sure that all of the catering and beverages are done the way that you want them done and that the wedding and banquet facility is set up and arranged for seating according to your specifications. Once you set the date and secure the location for your ceremony and reception, you can start working on the rest of your plans.

Picking a Date

One thing that you need to remember is that there is most definitely a “wedding season” here in the northeastern states. When the weather is beautiful you will see more weddings than the times throughout the year when the weather is downright cold and snowy. If you want a late spring, summer or early fall wedding, it is important to choose a facility with elegant ballroom spaces that will be available during those months. However, you may need to plan as much as a year or more in order to secure a space for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA at that time.

Choosing an off-season date for weddings in the late fall, winter and early spring when there may or may not still be snow on the ground and at least frigid temperatures, may be better suited to couples that are on a budget. Speak with the social event coordinators at your chosen location to find out what dates are available and how far in advance you would need to put down a deposit to reserve the date.

Create a Budget

Find out what items are included with the cost of renting the space at the local wedding and banquet facility. Some locations include the use of tables, chairs, linens and lighting, while others require you to rent and bring in your own. Make sure to create a budget for anything and everything you will need for the reception part of your special day, including:

  • wedding cake and other desserts
  • beverages – including drinks with dinner and an open bar
  • use of a bridal room for changing or touching up makeup throughout the event
  • music in the form of a live band, DJ or sound system
  • cost for servers if enjoying a plated dinner or for attendants if having a buffet
  • flowers, decorations and favors
  • gifts for the bridal party – groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • parking lot of valet charges for guests
  • cost per person for reception at the wedding and banquet facility
  • photographer or photo booth rental costs

Tour the Facility Before the Reception

Make sure to take a tour of the facility where you are going to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA to make sure you know how much space you have, where you want everything to go and any other important staging requirements that you have for the party. Check out all of the elegant ballroom spaces available and consider bringing along your wedding photographer to check out the sites for the ceremony and reception to get a feel for good locations to take pictures from on your special day.

Meet with the social event coordinators to discuss details, make payment arrangements and get updates on any news, changes or options that come up between the time you put down the deposit and the actual wedding day. Make sure to establish a good working relationship with everyone at the wedding and banquet facility to improve communications. These people can really help you and can even be the difference between a successful and disappointing wedding reception.

Call the Venus de Milo Restaurant, Wedding and Banquet Facility to get a FREE estimate on what it would cost to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA on your special day. Ask to tour our elegant ballroom spaces and meet with our social event coordinators to pick a date, make choices regarding reception options and to plan a truly customized and memorable reception that will help you celebrate your marriage on a grand scale. Call 508-678-3901 in Massachusetts or 401-861-2780 in Rhode Island and start planning your beautiful wedding reception today.

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