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How to Plan a Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA for 100 Guests

How to Plan a Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA for 100 Guests

Unless you have a large wedding savings account or gracious and wealthy parents who are willing to spend whatever it takes to get you the wedding of your dreams, chances are you will be considering your budget when you begin your Swansea wedding reception planning. The first step in any type of wedding plans should be to locate the premiere wedding venue where you will be hosting your special day. Some couples choose a church ceremony followed by a reception at a local MA wedding and banquet facility, while others may decide to host everything all at one venue.

Once you decide to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, you should start – and quite possibly end – your search at the world-famous Venus de Milo. There is a reason why there are so many Venus brides willing to share their experience online through review sites and in social media posts. We have been helping couples with their Swansea wedding reception planning for many years. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to help plan an unforgettable wedding reception celebration for you, your family, and friends.

Create a Guest List
Since the title of this article involves planning a reception at a local MA wedding and banquet facility for 100 guests, that’s pretty much the goal here. While you might know 150, 200 or more people that you would like to invite, it’s important to understand that wedding costs are figured by multiplying an amount per guest by the number of guests. So if your wedding reception is going to cost $90 per guest, multiplying that by 100 guests puts you at around $9,000. When you compare the cost of 100 guests to 150, 200 or more, you can see how savings can be achieved quickly simply by reducing the guest list for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA to a more manageable number.

Make a Budget
Go over all of the money that you have at your disposal for your Swansea wedding reception planning. Take into consideration savings, trusts, expected money, money provided by parents or grandparents, as well as any loans that you might be willing to take out to pay for it all. Figure out how much you have before you choose the premiere wedding venue or start looking at menu options. Then you will know ahead of time what you can afford, and what you can’t.

Schedule the Venue
As soon as you have a date set – or at least a time frame – for your wedding, start contacting the place where you want to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA to check for availability. Some brides plan a year or more in advance, however, there are certain times of year when you might be able to get away with less notice. Be flexible. If you want a certain venue, ask about alternative dates around your desired date. Consider getting married on a Friday instead of on a Saturday or Sunday. Ask about weekday wedding availability. Check to see if early morning or late night options are open – don’t be afraid to ask questions. Once you have the venue that you want for your Swansea wedding reception planning, nail down the date with a deposit and get it in writing.

Select a Style or Theme
The venue that you choose should not fully dictate your theme. Make sure to ask the on-site event coordinator at the premiere wedding venue about decorations, limitations, and extra amenities that might be available to add-on to your custom wedding package. The theme could be simple, such as a color combination, or it could be more complex, embracing a shared hobby or interest between the bride and groom. Before you settle on a theme, do a little bit of looking around at decoration options, using online search tools via Google or Pinterest. Don’t pick something that is so out-of-the-box that you won’t be able to find anything that will work for your centerpieces, bridal party attire, place settings, table decorations, and wedding cake.

Send Invitations
Once you have the venue and the theme picked out, go ahead and send out your invitations. Choose an invitation style that reflects your theme and make sure to include RSVP cards with return address stamped envelopes so you can get an accurate head count of your guests. If people aren’t coming, you don’t want to have to pay for them. You can use the saved money for lots of other things during and after your wedding.

Everything Else – Plus the Dress!
Once you have all of the major details figured out, you can start planning to go shopping for the dress, the attire for the bridal party, the vendors – including the DJ or live band, the bakery for the cake, the catering services for the menu, the bartender for the drinks, the photographer for the pictures, and anything else that you might want on your special day. Contact Venus de Milo at 508-678-3901 and speak with our on-site event coordinator to start making plans for your wedding celebration or other special occasion.

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