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How to Plan an Absolutely Perfect Swansea Wedding Reception

How to Plan an Absolutely Perfect Swansea Wedding Reception

Is there really any such thing as a “perfect” wedding reception? There will always be one or two little things that go wrong and, perhaps, one sort-of big and important thing. The point is to have a plan, get organized, and just do your best. You can’t plan around Uncle Bob’s inappropriate, yet well-meaning toasts, but you can do something to reduce the chances of it happening. Planning for your Swansea wedding reception at the best Southeastern Massachusetts event venue is essential if you want to have a successful wedding ceremony and reception. However, it is also important for you to realize that the chances are good that it won’t ever go 100 percent according to plan.

12 to 18 Months in Advance
Yes, this is the North American standard for wedding timelines. However, not every couple does things so drawn out. If you are having an earlier wedding date – or a later one, for whatever reason – you can just see this first step as the starting point and let the plans go from there. So here we are at step one, where you figure out what your budget will be and what type of wedding you want. Some couples choose a casual, intimate wedding, while others want an over-the-top sky’s the limit type of bash. Just remember, this is YOUR day. Plan it the way you want it, and no matter what happens, it will be perfect. Get yourself a wedding planning binder where you can keep all of your information.

This is also the best time to select who you want to be in your wedding party. Begin creating a loose guest list so that you will have a head count for the MA wedding and banquet facility. Gather all of the addresses and information for your guests. Consider creating a wedding website where guests can go for the latest information on your special day, including gift registries, parties, and showers.

12 Months in Advance
This is the appropriate time to shop for and choose the place where you will host your Swansea wedding reception. With figures already available for budget and potential guests, you can move forward with the required data to present to the social event coordinators at the venue. Take a tour, ask questions, get information, and find out about deposits, contracts, and availability. Once you decide the date and secure the venue, you can start making other plans. Consider hiring a wedding planner at this point, if it is in the budget.

Some of the people you will need to contact and contract with include:

  • officiant – pastor, priest, rabbi or non-religious official
  • photographer and videographer
  • photo booth company
  • live bands, DJs, and emcees
  • florists, bakers, and caterers
  • decorators and table setting services

8 Months in Advance
Start making plans for photography locations and shots. Go over your ideas with the photographer and visit locations to determine the best time of day for lighting. Make sure it is okay to shoot there and that there aren’t any restrictions. Meet with the caterer for your Swansea wedding reception at Venus de Milo. Do a tasting and make decisions about what food will be served. Go over the playlist for your Swansea wedding reception music. Make sure to tell the DJ or band any songs that you do NOT want to be played, along with a list of must-have songs and when they need to be done. If you haven’t done so already, create a wedding registry for at least two stores. Make sure one has online shipping options for those who can’t come. Go shopping for the wedding dress and attire for the groom and the rest of the wedding party.

6 Months in Advance
Purchase invitations. Begin planning your honeymoon and meet with vendors and the officiant to go over your plans for the wedding. Work on decorations, book extra vendors and services, as needed. Arrange transportation to and from the ceremony and reception. Work with on-site social event coordinators at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue to make sure you are working within the requirements for the facility. Create a timeline for the events at the Swansea wedding reception and begin staging plans for all of the featured activities.

4 Months in Advance
Book space for the rehearsal dinner and send out invitations to the wedding party, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Some families invite everyone to the rehearsal, but etiquette states that it only has to be close family and the wedding party. If you want to include people coming in from out of town to invite them for a free meal, this is acceptable as well. Begin planning the shower and any bachelor or bachelorette events. Schedule hair stylists, make-up artists, and any other bridal suite vendors that you want to be there on the day of the event. In fact, meet with all vendors to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

2 Months in Advance
Order or create favors. Purchase the rings and go for sizing. Send out the invitations and allow three weeks for RSVP cutoffs. Contact anyone who has not responded to make sure they don’t get left out or just show up to the wedding unexpected. Create the seating charts once the RSVP cutoff has completed. Get the marriage license according to state requirements. Start delegating tasks to your wedding party and close family members. Order gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Do final fittings and make sure everything is going as planned.

On Your Special Day
When the day arrives for your Swansea wedding reception at our MA wedding and banquet facility, you can rest easy knowing that our on-site social event coordinators will have everything under control. The sooner you can start planning for your wedding day, the easier it will be to get everything you want for a nearly perfect wedding reception at our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue.

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