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Location, Location, Location: Corporate Event Planning in MA

Location, Location, Location: Corporate Event Planning in MA

Corporate Events in Southeastern MassachusettsWhen it comes to hosting corporate events in Massachusetts, the location is of the utmost importance. Where you choose to host your event will set the tone for the overall success of the entire gathering. Professional event planning at a meeting and event space in Swansea, MA should be done by those who have experience organizing this type of event. Corporate gatherings are not like birthday parties or weddings but should be a bit more formal and provide guests with an experience designed to impress. Whether you are hosting a training seminar, business luncheon, a quarterly board of directors meeting, or a large industry conference, the place where you host the event matters.

Quality Food

It doesn’t matter who you’ve got lined up to speak to your guests or what the topic of conversation will be, if the food is not good, you’ve already lost. Venus de Milo is famous for being a premier event venue, but we are also well-known for the food served at our popular Empire Grille Restaurant, in particular, our Venus de Milo Baked Stuffed Lobster, which was dubbed the “best baked stuffed lobster in Southern New England” by Chef Emeril Lagasse. For over 50 years, we have earned a solid reputation for providing top quality cuisine. Choose from a variety of plated menus, buffet-style services, ethnic favorites, and specialty options to please your guests at our award winning restaurant.

There is a reason why so many businesses choose to host meetings at restaurants and banquet halls like Venus de Milo. Corporate meetings and events will be much more successful when a delicious meal is shared. A well-planned menu can open doors that a simple business presentation cannot. When the meal is well executed, and the service is excellent, the atmosphere of the entire venue will be positive. Mixers, parties, dinners, and cocktail hours are great ways to facilitate networking opportunities that otherwise might not be possible. While buffets are great for off-site company meetings or industry gatherings, a more sophisticated fine dining experience should be provided in some situations.

The Ambiance

A well-appointed facility is also paramount to the success of your corporate event. Professional event planning should include choosing a location that is elegant, professional in its management, and well-staffed to take care of your needs. Make sure that the venue you choose will stand up to the caliber of persons that will be in attendance, the type of business that you want to conduct, and the type of food that you want to serve. You wouldn’t serve steak and lobster in a homespun cottage, but you also wouldn’t serve burgers and beer in an elegant dining space. Make sure everything you are planning for the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA will be well-matched with the surroundings.

The venue that you choose for hosting corporate events in Massachusetts will also set the tone for the impression that you want to make or the message that you want to convey. Venues that are excessive in their decor can be off-putting, while a facility that lacks any decor might feel institutions and could also be off-putting. Professional event planning means finding a venue that regularly works with corporate events. A location that only does parties won’t be equipped with all of the amenities and options that you will find at a versatile venue like Venus de Milo, where we work with a combination of corporate, social, community, and non-profit organizations.


The final aspect to consider when choosing a meeting and event space in Swansea, MA is convenience for your attendees. You want a location that is easily accessible via major roadways and transportation for guests coming from out of the region. Think about your guest list or target demographic and plan accordingly. While many people may recognize Boston as a major destination, hosting corporate events in Massachusetts in areas that are out of the way can be more successful. Without all of the distractions of the big city, such as the nightclubs, restaurants, tourist areas, and sporting events, you can ensure the focus and attention of your audience to be more successful at achieving your goals.

Schedule a tour of Venus de Milo by contacting our team at 508-678-3901. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you select the best event space for your corporate gathering or meeting. Professional event planning can take a lot of time and require a lot of effort, but finding the right location is more than half the battle. Once you secure space at our meeting and event space in Swansea, MA, everything else will fall into place.

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