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New Bedford Brides: How to Plan a Wedding in Less Than a Year

New Bedford Brides: How to Plan a Wedding in Less Than a Year

Whether your wedding needs to be in ten months, six months or less, anything under a year is considered to be a “quickie wedding” by most wedding planners. New Bedford brides who are pressed for time need to start work right away to plan a Massachusetts wedding. But before you start picking out wedding reception decorations or shop for bakers to make your dream multi-tier cake, you need to get serious about picking a venue. Once you select the space where you will host your ceremony and reception, you can start planning everything else. If you really want to have the wedding of your dreams, you need to get started today.

Tour the Venues in Person

Do not leave anything up to chance. The last thing you want is to see a beautiful brochure, only to arrive the week of your wedding and find out that the photos were from twenty years ago. Schedule a tour of Venus de Milo and see our beautiful ballrooms, taste our fantastic menu, and experience it all for yourself. Don’t rely on a wedding planner, best friend, parent, cousin, or anyone else to tell you what it’s like; call our team and schedule a tour so you can start discussing dates and secure the venue for your special day.

Be a Little Flexible

If you have difficulty scheduling space for the date you desire at the location that you have chosen, learn to be a bit flexible, especially if you are trying to get a spring wedding date. Early morning weddings with a beautiful brunch served at the reception, weekday weddings, Sunday weddings, and other non-traditional options might even save you a little compared to the standard Saturday wedding schedule. Speak with the venue and see what is open before you write them off completely. There’s a reason why the good locations are in demand, which is exactly why you should fight to secure a date.

Keep Your Options Small

If you have an idea of what you want, there’s no reason to look at 50 options when you visit the dress shop, go to a bakery, meet with the florist, shop for wedding reception decorations, or sit down with a calligrapher. Bring photos, bookmarked links, printed sheets, and other idea book items that you can share when you make appointments with vendors. Choosing between five different bouquets will be a lot less stressful and time-consuming than trying to pick one out of 30. Don’t second guess yourself either. Once you make a decision, stick with it and move forward.

Get Organized (and Stay That Way)

Either use an online wedding planner and organizational app or use a standard three-ring binder with pockets so you can keep contracts, photos, brochures, and all other information in one place throughout the planning process. Become a list-maker and start making lists of all the things you need to do to prepare for the ceremony, Swansea wedding reception, wedding party attire, honeymoon, and anything else that you want to include. Pre-wedding, the day of, and post-wedding lists are extremely helpful to keep everything under control.

Smart Dress Shopping

When it comes to your wedding dress, there are two things you need to keep in mind. Getting a custom-made dress takes time that you just don’t have. It can also cost a lot of money and require multiple fittings, something that you probably won’t be able to schedule. New Bedford brides should consider buying their dresses off-the-rack or order something online that is measured to your specifications. This will help save you time and money, the two things you will wish you had more of throughout this entire process.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family members, and professionals for help when you plan a Massachusetts wedding. You will need all the help you can get to get everything under control and manage every detail for your wedding day. Friends can help with shopping for wedding reception decorations, putting together favors, go with you to meet vendors, and even help with management on your special day. A wedding party is supposed to be your support. Take it seriously and put everyone to work that you can trust to follow through and get the job done.

Visit Venus de Milo in Swansea, MA

If you are working to plan a Massachusetts wedding in less than a year, make sure to contact our team and schedule a tour of our venue. We can help you plan a beautiful and memorable Swansea wedding reception that will have your guests talking about it for months. New Bedford brides should take advantage of this nearby venue that has over 50 years of experience, fantastic in-house catering, and professional support staff that can help you every step of the way. Call today at 508-678-3901 to speak with one of our event coordinators to get started planning your special day.

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