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Party Ideas for Anniversary Celebration at Swansea Party Room

Party Ideas for Anniversary Celebration at Swansea Party Room

If you want to plan a party in Swansea to celebrate the anniversary of family members or friends, make sure to choose a quality venue for the party. When you choose a professional venue, you gain access to Swansea, MA event planning staff who can help get you on track with the planning, and even put you in touch with local vendors. An anniversary party is a great way to let a married couple know how much you appreciate them and respect their marriage.

Pick a Date
The first step in planning any type of social gatherings and special occasions is to choose the date and time for the event. Check the calendar when you contact the banquet rooms in Swansea to find out if your desired date is available. You don’t have to throw the party right on the anniversary date itself, so be flexible about your dates. This is very important in the middle of the busy wedding season when dates for your party might be scarce.

Choose the Venue
While we mentioned the venue when picking the date, selecting the venue is also an important step in the process. When shopping for a place, make sure to choose a location that is convenient to the couple that will be honored. Ask about things like parking for guests, room for everyone you want to invite, options for in-house catering, ideas for decorating, opportunities to get linens in a variety of colors, and anything else that you want to include. Visit the banquet rooms in Swansea in-person – don’t just rely on web-based photos and reviews. Sometimes seeing it for yourself will be very helpful when you are trying to plan a party in Swansea. Lock down the venue as soon as you decide, as space can be very limited depending on the time of year that you will be celebrating.

Select a Theme
Every party has to have a theme and an anniversary party is just begging to have something fun that can be included in everything from the decorations to the invitations. How long has the couple been married? Is this their first wedding anniversary or their 50th anniversary? If it has been at least 20 years, consider a “retro” party that takes everyone back to the decade that they were married. For example, a 30th anniversary would be great for a 1980s theme party. You could also pick something that the couple is known for – if they fly down to Disney World every year, a Disney theme would make sense. If they like to go fishing, hiking, or watch any particular sports together, that would be a good theme. Dig deep – as someone who is planning this party, you should have an idea of what they might like.

Send the Invitations
Depending on whether or not the couple is aware of your Swansea, MA event planning, you can send the invitations out about a month or two ahead of time. Give more time if guests will be coming from out-of-town so they can make travel arrangements. If it is a surprise party, you will need to be more creative and swear everyone to secrecy. You can’t just send out invitations en masse and expect someone not to say something – even if you instruct them in the invite. Surprise social gatherings and special occasions like this have a way of spilling out. Include any dress requirements, such as formal wear for a black-and-white event, era-based clothing for big anniversary celebrations, or costumes if you decide to have a costume party.

Coordinate Vendors
One of the biggest advantages of working with professional banquet rooms in Swansea is being able to coordinate your event with on-site staff. Work with the event planning coordinator to get information on pre-approved vendors for everything from a big anniversary cake to DJs and bands, photographers to photo booths, and anything else you might want to include. When you plan a party in Swansea, make sure that you know the rules regarding bringing in outside food or vendors. For insurance purposes, vendors need to be approved and insured at most locations. Coordinate setup time and service times to ensure that everyone gets there on time and that the venue is okay with your ideas.

Decorate for the Event
Perhaps the most time-consuming, yet exciting portion of getting to plan a party in Swansea is getting the decorations together. When you have a theme, it is easy to start figuring out what you want for the event. Banners, garlands, candles, balloons, flowers, photos of the couple, custom favors and champagne toast glasses, centerpieces for the tables – the sky is the limit. Ask the venue for any restrictions they might have. For example, LED candles may be required instead of the set-it-on-fire variety, for insurance purposes. Find out how early you can come on the day of the celebration to start decorating and get everything in place.

Visit Venus de Milo in Swansea
If you are planning any type of social gatherings and special occasions in the Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, make sure to consider the world-famous Venus de Milo for your event. We host a variety of celebrations, including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, receptions, charity events, community gatherings, corporate seminars and conventions – you name it, we have probably hosted it! Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and request a tour of our facility or check on availability for your special event.

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