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Pawtucket Wedding Plans: A South Coast Reception Celebration

Pawtucket Wedding Plans: A South Coast Reception Celebration

From the moment you become engaged thoughts begin to steer toward planning ideas for the ceremony and wedding reception. One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is thinking that there is a set expectation for what needs to occur on their wedding day. You can customize any part or all of the day to better reflect you, your interests, and your goals for your marriage celebration. Pawtucket wedding plans should begin by searching for the best South Coast reception hall. A quick trip into Southeastern Massachusetts to visit Venus de Milo, the region’s premier wedding venue, should be high on your list. Our on-site event coordinators and support staff can help you plan a spectacular Swansea wedding reception that will have your guests talking for months!

Choose a Theme

Once you pick the venue, secure a date, and have everything set in stone, it’s time to pick a theme. Some couples choose to host a traditional wedding with classic decorations, colors, and florals, while others may decide to do something more modern or fitting with their interests and personalities. It is not unheard of to have a movie-theme reception or see Pawtucket wedding plans with a superhero or comic book undertone. Today’s couples are much more free to color outside the lines and choose a theme for their South Coast reception hall that is fun, exciting, and fresh. Forget about washed out pastels and tons of roses, unless that is what you picture for your dream wedding; just focus on all of the elements you want to include for your special day.

Create a Guest List

The cost for everything at your Swansea wedding reception will be based on the number of guests. Remember that everyone needs to be included in the “head count” for the premier wedding venue and caterer, including you and your soon-to-be spouse, everyone in your wedding party, your parents and close family members, and even the vendors. Yes, you should include the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and anyone else who will be attending the venue. Once you have an accurate headcount, you will be able to get a clearer picture of the pricing for everything you want to include in your Pawtucket wedding plans. The cost of food, cake service, entertainment, and everything else is typically based on the number of guests.

Work With the Venue

When you choose a professional venue for your Swansea wedding reception, you will want to work with the on-site event coordinator for all of your detailed plans. The event staff can help answer any questions that you might have about catering, indoor and outdoor opportunities, dance floor and seating arrangements, decorations, and custom additions that can be included. Venus de Milo has over five decades of experience serving couples in the Southeastern New England region. As a premier wedding venue with tons of space, amenities, in-house catering options, and all the “bells and whistles,” we take pride in being able to accommodate all of the needs, requests, and wishes of our Venus brides. We work with each client to create a truly custom proposal for our South Coast reception hall that will “wow” their guests and make wedding planning a lot less stressful.

Serve Quality Food

Another reason why couples choose Venus de Milo for all of their Pawtucket wedding plans is that we have a solid reputation for providing top quality food and a very diverse menu. You can browse our banquet menu online and schedule a tasting for the bride and groom at your convenience. Our event coordinators can help you choose between plated meals, buffet service, or served appetizers, depending on the type of Swansea wedding reception you want to host and your budget. Our talented culinary team and experienced maitre-d’s deliver consistently excellent food and service that will help you spoil your guests. Choose from regional delicacies, local favorites, traditional wedding menus, or cultural tastes to create a wedding menu that your guests will appreciate.

Entertain Everyone

In addition to the wedding activities that you will plan for your day, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, and greeting all of your guests, make sure to include some entertainment. A really fun DJ and emcee can make the party engaging and exciting. A live band can either take your party over the top or make it a flop, so choose wisely. Don’t just hire a band, DJ or another performer sight unseen. Search online for videos of past weddings or engagements that they have worked, ask for references, and contact previous clients to find out about their experience. You can also get pre-vetted vendors through the South Coast reception hall, along with references for each that will help you cut down on interviews.

Tour the World-Famous Venus de Milo

If you are busy making Greater Pawtucket wedding plans, take time to tour our premier wedding venue and see for yourself why so many couples plan to spend their wedding day at our facility. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 in Massachusetts or 401-861-2780 in Rhode Island. We can answer any questions that you might have about our South Coast reception hall, schedule a tour, or help you to book our venue for your Swansea wedding reception. Choose from five elegant ballrooms, beautiful bridal rooms, and other well-appointed and beautifully-designed spaces to celebrate your special day!

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