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Pick the Best Wedding Party Attire for a New Bedford Wedding

Pick the Best Wedding Party Attire for a New Bedford Wedding

Wedding Party Attire in New BedfordAfter watching the popular movie 27 Dresses, no bride wants to put her bridesmaids through the torture of the crazy theme dress. We all know that no amount of altering will turn a bridesmaid dress into anything anyone would want to wear on a date. Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to consider the feelings of your New Bedford wedding party when you start shopping for wedding party attire. You don’t need to take a survey, but you should think about whether you would want to wear what you are asking them to wear.

Keep the accessories to a minimum as well. If you want a specific hairstyle, then be prepared to pay for the stylist to come and do everyone’s hair before the ceremony. If you wish to require special jewelry, shoes, wraps, or handbags, make sure to provide a resource for them so they won’t have to run around town looking for a hard-to-find color. That way, everyone will arrive at the ceremony and wedding reception in Swansea, MA with a positive attitude and will be genuinely happy to be a part of your celebration at the premier wedding venue.

The Bridesmaids

Since these women will be standing next to you throughout the ceremony and will be seated near you during the reception, the dresses should complement your own. Wedding party attire can range from formal to casual, depending on the theme of the wedding. The dresses could be similar to the bride’s dress, yet different in some strategic way. They could include a similar lace pattern or beading, or give a nod to the colors of your bouquet.

Select a single color, but allow the bridesmaids to choose the design of the dress that best suits their body type, is a popular method these days. One example would be selecting several dresses in the main color of your wedding and then allowing each bridesmaid to pick one from the selection. If you have five bridesmaids, provide at least eight to ten choices to reduce fighting over options.

You can do the same thing with shoes, allowing each bridesmaid to pick a style of shoes that suits their own unique preferences, just in the same matching color. Be kind with your shoe color choices, avoid things like chartreuse and opt instead for black, white, cream, navy, and other popular options that will be easy to locate. If you want all bridesmaids to wear something specific, such as pearl necklaces or diamond earrings, consider purchasing them as their gift for being a part of your New Bedford wedding party.

The Groomsmen

It is a lot easier to dress the groomsmen than it is to dress the bridesmaids. That being said, what is typically done is to follow the lead of the groom. If the groom is in the military, he will likely want to wear his uniform. However, if some of his groomsmen are also military and others are civilians, it is best to have a unified look and require everyone to wear suits or tuxedos instead. If the entire group is military, then uniforms would be acceptable, as long as everyone is coordinated properly.

Go online to a men’s formalwear website and choose the wedding party attire that you want them to get. Each person is responsible for making an appointment to go in for a fitting or do measurements online from home. They will need to order the suit or tuxedo based on the elements that you have chosen. Each groomsman is responsible for paying for his own rental and accessories, so make sure that is clear.

Make sure everyone is matching in the color of the suit or tuxedo, the shirt, and any accessories. The typical accessories for New Bedford wedding party attire for men can include bow ties or regular ties, cummerbunds or vests, coordinating pocket squares or handkerchiefs, and the shoes. All of these things can be set up ahead of time at your local men’s formalwear shop to create an easy-to-follow formula. Shoes, socks, and all of the other pieces will be included in the cost of the rental. Make sure to remind everyone to return their rentals after the wedding or have the best man gather it all up and return it at once.

Premier Wedding Venue in Southeastern Massachusetts

Coordinating the wedding party attire is half the battle. Once you choose the best venue for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, everything else will fall into place. Tour the world-famous Venus de Milo and see our beautiful ballrooms and amenities for yourself. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our premier wedding venue and help you choose the best date for your celebration. We can do the ceremony and reception on-site, or just provide space for your reception after an off-site wedding. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour or to inquire about availability.

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