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Plan a Big Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts on a Budget

Plan a Big Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts on a Budget

Weddings can be very expensive. Unless you are lucky enough to have unlimited wealth or a rich uncle who wants to pay for it all, the chances are good that you’ll be working with a budget. Some budgets are very considerable, while others are more modest. Some couples prefer to spend more money on the honeymoon than the ceremony and reception, while others opt to celebrate with family and friends at a premier wedding venue. Whatever your goals or budgetary restrictions, once you set your budget for a Swansea wedding reception, it’s time to start shopping for locations. The sooner you can start planning, the easier it will be to get the space you want for the date that you need. This is especially true if you’re going to host a big wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts, as the number of venues that can accommodate a guest list of more than a thousand is limited.

Set Priorities for Your Wedding Day

An old real estate trick that is designed to help prospective buyers figure out what they really want in a new house is to have them create two lists: a “nice to have” list with all of the things they wish they could get in a house if they can afford it, and a “have to have” list with all of the things that must be included for the house to serve their needs. You can apply this method to help you identify your priorities and must-have items for your wedding day. The “nice to have” list can be filled with all of the things you see in magazines, on websites, or see in celebrity wedding guides. The “have to have” should include the basics, such as enough space for you and all of your guests, room for the wedding party, cake, gift, guestbook, dessert, and specific-use tables, and a location that is convenient for everyone.

There are ways to save money on the cost of renting a facility to host your wedding ceremony and reception – even if you need to have a big wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts. In the wedding world, a “big” wedding is anything that needs to accommodate more than 150 guests. Remember to include yourself, your future spouse, the wedding party, ring bearer, flower girl, and all plus-one options when you think about how much space you’ll need. Many couples forget to count themselves, the officiant, any vendors that will be in attendance, and any extra guests when they compile the guest list. Speak with the premier wedding venue to find out if any other service providers need to be included in your headcount for a more accurate quote.

Save the Extra Options for Last – Once you narrow down all of the priorities for your wedding day, you can begin to add in the extra options that you would really like to include, as you can afford them. Some of the “nice to have” items from the typical bridal list can include ceremony programs, save-the-date cards (in addition to invitations), custom cocktail recipes, monogrammed napkins, guest favors, and bathroom baskets. Other items that can be forgotten instead of something more important include single-time use items, such as a cake knife, cake server, and special glasses for toasting. In most cases, the bakery or catering company will provide these items at no cost to you, saving you hundreds of dollars on specialty items that you probably won’t ever use again.

Be Creative With the Decorations

A big wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts does not have to cost a fortune. The cost of the Swansea wedding reception venue is based on the number of guests and the food that you choose. Beyond that, everything else is negotiable, including the entertainment, decorations, cake, invitations, and photography. Instead of hiring a live band, consider bringing in a DJ who can ensure that the music sticks to your playlist and also make announcements throughout the reception. When you work with an experienced premier wedding venue like Venus de Milo, many of the must-have items are included, such as the tables, chairs, and linens. Our team of social event coordinators works hard to stay on top of the latest wedding trends to provide our clients with the best options for their wedding decorations and staging ideas.

Couples can spend thousands on decorations, limo services, multi-tiered cakes, and invitations made by a professional calligrapher. Think about your cache of friends, coworkers, and family members. Is anyone creative and crafty enough that they can assist with some of the “nice to have” elements that you want to include? Consider hosting a bridal party that is just as much crafting as it is eating and gift-giving. You can also ask for crafting help instead of gifts to help create a very special, unique, and memorable wedding experience. Other ways to save include asking a family member to become ordained online to perform the ceremony, reducing costs for an officiant by $400-900, asking a friend to do hair and makeup for the wedding party, and scheduling your wedding for a weeknight instead of the weekend.

Contact Venus de Milo to Get Started

If you are ready to start making plans or your upcoming wedding celebration, contact our team at Venus de Milo by calling 508-678-3901. We can answer any questions you might have about planning a big wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts, provide details about our premier wedding venue and connect you with our social event coordinators to help get you started. Call today to schedule a tour of our Swansea wedding reception and banquet hall facility.

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