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Plan a Conference at a Southeastern Massachusetts Event Venue

Plan a Conference at a Southeastern Massachusetts Event Venue

conference-plan-south-massIt can be difficult to plan a trade show or conference, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience doing so. Once you nail down the venue for your event at a conference center in Southeastern New England, it becomes easier to schedule and plan for everything else at the meeting and event space. Securing the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue means picking a date, knowing how much room you will have, and being able to plan for banners, tables, speakers and other featured happenings within the overall event.

One of the biggest challenges in planning for an industry event is making sure that you include activities and options that will make the event memorable. There are so many business events throughout the year, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Even if you don’t charge people to attend, you want to make sure that your conference becomes a popular industry must-attend event. Ensuring that everyone “gets something” out of attending and that the information you provide is relevant is part of the challenge.

  • Hire a Guest Speaker – A big draw for many of these events at the local Southeastern Massachusetts event venue is to hire a guest speaker that is a real leader in the industry, or at least someone that everyone knows. This will pull in a lot of guests to the meeting and event space that you might not have had otherwise. Popular celebrity speakers, such as team motivators or other well-known writers and individuals, can be a huge draw. They don’t even necessarily have to be connected directly to the business that you are in, but can be motivational in another way.
  • Use Multimedia Resources – In addition to providing paper brochures and other handouts to your guests, when you plan a trade show, try to incorporate lots of multimedia resources to capture the attention of everyone at the conference center in Southeastern New England. Incorporate audio, video and other methods of attracting attention, including live entertainment or other live events that will keep everyone focused and encourage them to interact with everything going on at the conference.
  • Greet Your Guests – When you host a business event at a Southeastern Massachusetts event venue, don’t forget to interact with your sponsors, speakers, supporters and other guests. Face to face conferencing and networking are important and should not be overlooked as part of the event when you plan a trade show. This is why many people travel to industry gatherings, they want to meet you, your staff and other professionals who are connected to the event.
  • Choose a Good Venue – Visit the venue that you are considering for your meeting and event space to make sure that they have enough room for all of the seminars, workshops, dinners, luncheons and networking opportunities that you want to provide to your guests. Make sure that the location is convenient, well-known and is designed in such a way that you will make a positive impression. Make sure it is a venue that people will look forward to visiting and will talk about in addition to the content and activities that you provide during the conference.
  • Plan Lots of Activities – Depending on the number of people that you have attending, you may want to stagger seminars and workshops throughout the day, giving the people options as to what they want to attend. Just don’t run the big guest speaker against the most popular workshop. Plan brunches, refreshment times, bathroom breaks, luncheons, formal dinners, entertainment, off-site activities and other things that you think will hold everyone’s attention and help them to get more out of your event when you plan a trade show or conference.

Always Work to Improve
Even if your first conference at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue is a huge hit, make sure to always work to improve. Survey your guests by asking what worked, what didn’t, what was missing and if there was “too much” of anything. Feedback will really help you to refine and shape your game plan when you set out to plan a trade show again in the future. Working with a conference center in Southeastern New England that can accommodate you and your guests is key to the success of any professional event. Speak with the event coordinator at Venus de Milo about our meeting and event space for your next industry gathering. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 or schedule an appointment to tour our facility.

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