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Plan a Wedding in Massachusetts That Reflects Your Personality

Plan a Wedding in Massachusetts That Reflects Your Personality

Plan a Wedding in Swansea, MASometimes it feels that if you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve been to them all. Most weddings are very similar. There’s a bride and a groom, a wedding party, and a bunch of guests. There are flowers and centerpieces, decorations and a cake – it’s kind of hard to be unique when there is so much tradition expected from this type of celebration. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Swansea wedding reception planning. You can choose everything from the theme, the colors, the style, and the schedule of events and do it any way you want to do it. This is your special day, and you should be able to celebrate it however you want.

Choosing the Venue

Any good party starts by picking the location. Once you select a premier wedding venue for your reception, you can start picking out themes, decorations, and staging for all of the activities and events you want to include. A Southeastern New England wedding venue should have enough space for you and all of your guests, as well as room for a dance floor, entertainment, and placement of all the other essential elements. Whether you choose a DJ or a live band, there needs to be room for them to set up and ample audiovisual opportunities to make sure everyone has a good time and can hear the music.

Venus de Milo has over fifty years of experience hosting weddings and other special occasions in Southeastern Massachusetts. We have proudly served brides from all over the northeastern region and are pleased that so many of our Venus brides have referred other couples to our venue as well. We have room for guest lists up to 1,800 and have all of the amenities and special options you could ever want to include in your special day. Our on-site event coordinators can help you with everything from menu selections to decorations, dance floor placement and staging to create a beautiful space for your celebration.

Picking a Theme

You do not have to go with a traditional floral and pastel theme for your spring wedding, and there’s no rule that says your fall wedding must include pumpkins and leaves. When you set out to plan a wedding in Massachusetts, this is a great time to really let your personality as a couple to shine. Are you into beachy or nautical themes? Include it in your wedding invitations and decor. There are so many ways to incorporate a little bit of yourself into the planning and make it a memorable day that really suits you and your new spouse.

Do you have a shared affinity for sci-fi movies? There are many couples who choose to add touches of their favorite movies or comic books in with the celebration. Instead of tossing rice, birdseed or blowing bubbles, some couples have chosen to provide guests with lightsabers that they can hold up and walk through on their way to the getaway car. And speaking of getaway cars, there’s no reason why you have to leave in a limousine – why not take off in a sports car, hot rod, or vintage vehicle? Incorporate the theme through every stage of the Swansea wedding reception planning from the invitations all the way through the cake, the favors, and even the wedding party attire.

Hiring the Vendors

This can be the trickiest part of the process. The best way to find trusted, reliable, and professional vendors that you can trust with the most important day of your life is to work with the Southeastern New England wedding venue and ask for recommendations. With over fifty years of serving the Southcoast region, our team knows a thing or two about the best DJs, photographers, and florists in the local area. Whatever you want to include in your special day, our team can help you to achieve your goals. You might be surprised at all of the ways our event coordinators can assist with the planning at our premier wedding venue.

Make sure to get a signed contract from every vendor you work with and ensure that each vendor complies with the requirements of the venue with regard to insurance verification. Working from a pre-vetted list of vendors can save you a lot of time when you plan a wedding in Massachusetts, so make sure to ask the on-site event coordinator about any options available with local vendors that you can use to your advantage. Create a list of every service you will want to include and ask the venue if they offer any of those services in-house. You might be surprised at how much you can get done without having to seek an outside source.

Schedule a Tour of Venus de Milo

If you are interested in taking a tour of our venue for your upcoming wedding, make sure to contact our team. We can answer any questions that you might have about Swansea wedding reception planning and assist you in choosing the best date for your reception. Call today at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our representatives about hosting your upcoming wedding at our Southeastern New England wedding venue.

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