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Planning a Beautiful Winter Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA

Planning a Beautiful Winter Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA

Planning a Winter Wedding in Swansea, MAThe idea of a winter wedding is frightening to some, yet thrilling to others. Bucking the system and going with an off-season wedding can bring a whole host of challenges and unexpected benefits that you might not be able to imagine. Swansea wedding reception planning is a year-round affair. Working with social event coordinators at your local premiere wedding venue, can help you to overcome some of the common issues that couples can experience during a New England winter wedding. Snow is never a guarantee, as the weather rarely seems to cooperate, so it is important to understand this going in, regardless of whether you are pro or anti snow for your special wedding day.

Hosting an Elegant Wedding and Reception
One of the best themes for a winter wedding reception in Swansea, MA is to go with a classic black tie. Winter white – or brilliant white – coupled with elegant black tuxedos and a splash of your favorite wedding colors in accessories, flowers and decor, is definitely the way to go. Work with your social event coordinators or browse through magazines, websites and portfolios, to find all of the decorative items, bridal party ideas and styles that you desire. Keeping it formal with black ties and a beautiful ballroom at the world-famous Venus de Milo, can help you create a modern take on a traditional wedding celebration.

While spring and summer brides are all about the veil and floral crowns, winter brides should be seeking out tiaras and fur (or faux fur) wraps to accessorize their wedding gowns. Keep in mind the idea of a cool, crisp formal affair and think about what you might wear if you weren’t wearing a wedding gown. Beautiful dresses for your bridesmaids, warm wraps, elegant shoes, dazzling clutches – think about dressing yourself and your wedding party with a bit of sparkly “snow” in the design, even if your wedding is planned before the first real snowfall. Silver, white, gray, black – all of these shades and more should be incorporated into your wedding palette.

Extending Winter to the Decor
Work with the premiere wedding venue of your choice for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA to incorporate all of your winter ideas into the decorations. Remember to include a lot of sparkle and silver, along with other winter colors and hues, to create an elegant and seasonal affair. Think outside the box of holiday decorations and choose miniatures, such as tiny twinkly lights for guest tables, or gigantic alternatives, such as over-sized silver ornaments and sparkly crystals shaped like snowflakes. Think classic wedding and sophisticated elegance, as you shop for decorations. The goal is to avoid going over-the-top with seasonal items that will make your wedding look more like a holiday pageant than an elegant winter wedding.

When it comes right down to it, your wedding reception in Swansea, MA is your day. It’s about you, what you want, and should not be influenced by anything other than what you and your spouse-to-be desires. Classic long gowns for the ladies and crisp, well-designed tuxes for the men. Choose from a range of white, gray, silver and black hues, as well as winter colors that include burgundy, navy, gold and plum. Make sure that the colors enhance the winter theme, incorporating them cleverly into bouquets, decorations, accessories and more to bring it all together as a cohesive color scheme.

Swansea wedding reception planning should also extend to the menu and cocktails that will be served. Many couples today are creating their own custom cocktail that represents themselves and their journey together, as well as to reflect the season. Go over the menu ideas with the social event coordinators at Venus de Milo for your wedding reception dinner. Whether you want to have a buffet or plated, served meal, make sure that your place settings and tables also reflect the sophistication seen in the rest of the decorations and planning. Ask about dance floor space in the ballroom at your premiere wedding venue, as well as lighting, audio-visual equipment, and anything else that you might need.

Visit Venus de Milo for Swansea Wedding Reception Planning
If you making plans for a winter wedding reception in Swansea, MA, contact our premiere wedding venue by calling 508-678-3901 to get a FREE estimate on using our facility for your special day. We have all of the space and amenities you need to plan your winter wedding at our world-famous location. Give us a call today to check on availability or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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