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Planning a Classic Big Family Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA

Planning a Classic Big Family Wedding Reception in Swansea, MA

If you and your soon-to-be-spouse both come from large families, it can be overwhelming to try and make plans for a wedding ceremony and reception that includes everyone in some way. While people from smaller families have an easy time of adding their siblings to the wedding party, if you and your partner both have ten siblings (more or less) each, and also want to add friends to your wedding party, things can get complicated fast. However, if you are used to dealing with large numbers and want to give it a try, it is not impossible. Start planning for your classic “big family” wedding reception in Swansea, MA as soon as you set a date to make sure you accommodate everyone at your premiere wedding venue.

Room for Everyone
Once you decide to just “go for it” and have a large wedding party of ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen or more, it is important to get control over the situation right away. Make sure that the venue is aware of how many will be in your wedding party. You may need to make adjustments to the seating for your wedding table. When you start planning your wedding reception in Swansea, MA, think about using a sweetheart table for the bride and groom or expanding it just a bit to include the best man, maid of honor, and their dates. That leaves 20 or more from your wedding party, plus their dates or spouses, who need to be seated at special tables up front. So that means four tables of ten each (or twelve if you need to cram in a few more) just for your wedding party alone.

So what about your guests? Check with the venue to find out how many guests they can accommodate. While there are a lot of places where you can do your Swansea, MA event planning in the local area, not all of them can handle a group of this size. Venus de Milo, which has built a solid reputation in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island for putting on some of the most memorable and amazing weddings, can accommodate well over a thousand wedding guests. Make sure to discuss your options with the Swansea wedding reception planning staff at Venus de Milo to get some insider tips on reception staging, table set-ups, and other insight that comes from working with other large scale weddings.

Get Some Help
The next step is to call on your maid of honor (MOH) and bridesmaids to help you with all the details. Also, designate a sibling or trusted friend to be “in charge” of coordinating everything for the wedding. Your MOH will likely have a full list of things to do, as will the parents, and anyone close to you. However, having a person who is running point for your wedding who reports only to you can help to cut out some of the confusion and organizational issues that can come from trying to plan a wedding of this magnitude.

This person will serve as your right hand, a sort of wedding planner without actually having to be a professional wedding planner. Because this task is so important, make sure you choose your help wisely and think about a way to thank this person for all of their hard work in some way on your special day. Include them in the wedding party photos, give a toast to them during the rehearsal dinner, and make sure to get them a special gift. You might even want to choose a coordinating dress for them to wear that shows they are with the wedding party that is similar, yet different, from what the MOH and bridesmaids are wearing.

Keep It Simple
The more you can streamline things when making plans for your event at a local premiere wedding venue like Venus de Milo, the easier it will be on your wedding day. Don’t even try to please everyone that is involved in your Swansea wedding reception planning, because it can’t happen. The goal is to think about you and your soon-to-be-spouse and what makes the two of you happy. Simplify everything from the decorations to the wedding day photos, and everything in between. Hire hairdressers and make-up artists to come to your home or – if there’s time – to the bridal suite, and have them just take care of anyone who wants assistance. Think of it as your gift to your bridesmaids. Of course, you should still give a little personalized token of thanks as well. After all, bridemaids dresses, shoes, and accessories aren’t cheap!

Avoid becoming a “bridezilla” by limiting the requirements on your wedding party. Choose one accessory that you want to unify the group and let them make decisions about everything else, such as shoes, hairstyles, jewelry, and other accessories. Same goes with the guys, choose a basic tuxedo or suit and then let them know the colors for the wedding. They can choose if they want a cummerbund, bowtie, straight tie, pocket square or any other embellishments, as long as they coordinate with the wedding colors. It helps the wedding party have a little fun when you give them a long leash to customize their own look. Consider taking photos before the ceremony so everyone can just go into the wedding reception in Swansea, MA without delay.

Take a Tour
Make sure to come by and take a tour of Venus de Milo for all of your Swansea wedding reception planning needs. Our on-site event staff can help you choose the best space, select a date, and assist in vendor selection. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour or to learn more about our premiere wedding venue and Swansea, MA event planning.

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