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Planning a Family Reunion Theme Party in Southeastern Mass

Planning a Family Reunion Theme Party in Southeastern Mass

family-reunion-themeIf you have been charged with planning the annual family reunion, it can be difficult to come up with ideas and activities to keep everyone involved during the gathering. Outside of hiring professional event planning, there are other ways to create a plan for a great party at your local Southeastern Massachusetts event venue. One of the best ways to keep everything on point at the banquet facility, planning a family reunion is easier if you pick a theme. Unlike wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthdays and anniversary parties, which have their own built-in theme, you might have to really put on your thinking cap to find something to bring your family reunion party plans together.

Seasonal Party Ideas
One way to get a great theme for your reunion at the banquet facility is to choose a seasonal theme. This is a great way to incorporate spring, summer, fall or winter into your reunion and bring in some great activities that will get everyone involved. The Venus de Milo is a premiere Southeastern Massachusetts event venue that has both indoor and outdoor party spaces, which can be perfect for warm-weather family oriented events. Traditional family reunion games can be incorporated along with a picnic style theme or dinner can be served family style inside the banquet facility.

Food Theme Ideas
Does your family have a favorite food or refreshment? When planning a family reunion, make sure to incorporate menu items and food bars that will get everyone excited. Instead of an open bar with alcohol, which can cause problems between family members, consider a coffee and tea bar with lots of creamers, special flavors and coordinating snacks. Make sure to ask the venue about bringing in foods or working with vendors from the outside before setting anything in stone. A candy bar is also a great alternative to a pinata or other favor giveaway for both children and adults. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning a family reunion.

Casino Night Party
If your family reunion will consist primarily or exclusively of adults, you might want to host a casino night for the grown ups. If kids are invited, consider having a separate kids-only event at the local hotel or at another venue. Casino night can involve fun desserts and decorations, along with table games, poker chips and lots of fun. Bringing in casino games can be a fun way to get everyone involved and interacting to break the ice and just have a good time.

Cultural Theme Party
Celebrate your family’s heritage with a theme night that embraces your shared background. Infuse various elements into your professional event planning. No matter where your family comes from, you should be able to incorporate decorative elements, foods, desserts and drinks into the party at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue. Check with local party stores, cultural shops and online websites for unique decorative items, favors and other inspiring ideas. Consider also doing a family tree to show where the family traces back to and provide each family member with a copy to keep.

Fondue Party
While it might seem like an old-fashioned or outdated idea for a party, believe it or not fondue parties are coming back into popularity. Adults and kids alike will enjoy dipping bread cubes and other items into cheese. Consider adding a chocolate fountain for the kids to enjoy. It is sort of a modern take on the fondue party and your family members can dunk strawberries, marshmallows, cookies and other items into the chocolate. Again, make sure to speak with the event coordinator at the banquet facility about what is allowed and whether there are any restrictions for your ideas.

Contact Venus de Milo to Reserve Event Space
If you are interested in planning a family reunion at our Southeastern Massachusetts event venue, give us a call at 508-678-3901 for more information about the banquet facility or to check on availability for your desired dates. If you are in need of professional event planning, ask to speak with our on-site coordinator who can help you pull all of your party plans together.

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