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Planning a Wedding Reception at a South Coast Reception Hall

Planning a Wedding Reception at a South Coast Reception Hall

planning-wedding-receptionThere is a lot of planning required to pull off a wedding ceremony and reception. This is why so many couples decide to invest in professional event planning. However, if a professional planner is not in the budget for your big day, there is another way to get some knowledge and experience on your side. When you choose to host your wedding and reception at the Venus de Milo wedding and banquet facility in Massachusetts, you gain access to an on-site planner who can help you coordinate your special event. From helping you to choose the best menu and elegant ballroom spaces to assisting with the decoration of this world-famous South Coast reception hall, our team will help you make the most of this important day.

We all know the basic elements that go into a wedding ceremony and reception, starting with the walk down the aisle and finishing up with well-wishes to the couple at the door, our team can help make sure you don’t forget something important. Coordinating with the DJ or live band, florist, cake baker, limousine company and other essential vendors can be a full time job in itself. Knowing that you have chosen the best location with the most elegant ballroom spaces in the South Coast region will give you the peace of mind that you will need as you continue making plans for your wedding celebration.

New Ideas for Your Wedding Day
In addition to all of the classic wedding ceremony and reception activities, there are other new ideas that you can add to your special day at our South Coast reception hall. When you book space at the wedding and banquet facility in Massachusetts, ask about other vendors, options and special activities and whether or not there is room to include them. Having access to professional event planning staff that has years of experience working with weddings and other high profile events can be a big help.

PHOTO DECORATION IDEAS – One theme that you can add to personalize your event is to share meaningful photos of the bride and groom in the hall on the way to the elegant ballroom spaces that are reserved for your reception. Photos of them as babies and in landmark events as children and growing up, as well as photos from when they started dating, got engaged and other important memories, should all be included.

MAKE A GRAND ENTRANCE – The internet is full of videos with couples making their way down the aisle after the ceremony and enjoying their first dance together, but you rarely see couples making a big entrance to their reception. Find a new way to enter the room – try running in, dancing in, skipping in hand-in-hand – think of something that fits your theme or personalities that will create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Work with the band or the DJ at the South Coast reception hall to queue up the music you need to pull it off.

MAKE COOL FAVORS – The whole colorful Jordan almonds in the wedding colors is so last year – and the year before that, and the year before that – well, you get the idea. Find something fresh and new to do for your wedding favors. Hire a photo booth to take photo strip pictures and customize the backgrounds and logos with your names or the wedding theme. Give away something that people will really want and actually use. Think outside of the crafts-store favors ideas and really take the time to think of something that reflects who you are and what you are celebrating together at the wedding and banquet facility in Massachusetts.

FORGET THE CAKE – A lot of couples are choosing to buck the system and forgo having a traditional wedding cake and celebrate with a dynamic dessert bar or cupcake tower in multiple flavors instead. Over the years we have seen hot fudge sundae stations, donut and cider tables, chocolate fountains and interactive s’mores making – it’s whatever the bride and groom want to do that counts. Besides, there’s just something fun about snacking on pixie sticks from an old-fashioned candy buffet, dressed in your Sunday best, while dancing the night away in elegant ballroom spaces. How often do you get to do that?

SIGNATURE DRINKS – Instead of having an open bar or limiting guests to a champagne toast to save money, consider working with the professional event planning staff and bartender at the South Coast reception hall to create a signature drink. Stick with one drink that embodies the theme and colors of your wedding reception or create a his and hers drink option. This will reduce the amount of money you will spend on shots for an open bar and will also allow you a brand new way to be creative and further customize your event.

Contact Venus de Milo to Plan Your Wedding
Whether you want to host your ceremony and reception or just the reception at our location, Venus de Milo is the premiere venue for the best in wedding and banquet facility in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area. Take advantage of our professional event planning services and all of the amenities available through our South Coast reception hall. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 to find out more about our venue or to check our calendar to book your special event.

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