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Professional Event Planning Ideas & Tips for Local Charities

Professional Event Planning Ideas & Tips for Local Charities

charity-event-planningPart of the job in running a local charity is to plan events that can be used to invite the public or area donors to come and contribute to what it is that you are doing. Even if you cannot afford to hire a professional event planning expert, you can learn the insider ideas and tips that are used by the experts to put on social gatherings and special occasions for charities. In order to host a truly successful event complete with increased donations and support from the local community, you need to do something that is fun and exciting.

Venus de Milo is an award winning restaurant and banquet hall in Swansea, MA. This facility has hosted many different types of events over the years, including wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, awards dinners and other special occasions, such as fund-raising galas and dinners for charities and other related organizations. Security a spot at this prime location is a great way to bring guests and donors out to support your cause. Once you secure the location where you plan on hosting your charity event, it’s time to start putting all of the other plans into action.

Outline Your Goals for the Event
While it is true that the standing goal of any charity based event is to raise money for the group, program or individuals who benefit directly from the charitable organization, there are also other underlying goals that can be set for this type of gathering. Some charity events use these social gatherings and special occasions to recognize the work of organizational leaders and team members who contribute much of their time, heart and energy to the charity work. Having a nice dinner at an award winning restaurant is a great way to recognize what they do on behalf of others each and every day.

Another familiar goal of charity events is to simply raise awareness. Even if they do not raise money to support the organization beyond the initial ticket to get in to the party, most charities see these events at the local banquet hall in Swansea, MA as a way to spread the word about what they do. The more information that you can provide to your guests in the way of a presentation, handouts, t-shirts, business cards, pamphlets and anything else you can think of, the better your chances are of increasing awareness about your cause.

Consider Creating a Committee
Professional event planning for a charity gala or dinner takes a lot of hard work and will require a lot of your time. Consider creating a committee of other persons within your organization or volunteers to help you with all of the planning and details for your social gatherings and special occasions. This can really be beneficial on a couple of levels. First, you will have help running around town to pick up decorations, marketing materials and other elements that you want to include in your dinner at the banquet hall in Swansea, MA. Second, you will have helpers on the day of the event that can assist you in keeping everything under control.

It is good to have a team all working together toward the same goal, but you also need to set some guidelines and make sure that someone is put in charge. You don’t want everyone running around and making arrangements for things without having approval from a single source. This will prevent things from getting forgotten and will also prevent two people from doing the same thing without being aware that the other is working on the same part of the project and planning. Have monthly meetings if you are planning a year in advance and then plan on meeting weekly as it gets closer to the day of the gala. Put someone in charge of keeping lists and checking things off as they get done so that there is one central list for everyone to go by and refer to throughout the planning process.

Reserve Your Space at Venus de Milo
If you plan on hosting your charity event at the award winning restaurant and banquet hall in Swansea, MA, make sure to reserve your date as far in advance as possible. The Venus de Milo is a popular location for social gatherings and special occasions of all kinds and there are definite times throughout the year when we are busier than others. Contact our professional event planning staff by calling the Massachusetts number at 508-678-3901 or the Rhode Island line at 401-861-2780.

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