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Rehearsal Dinner Secrets: Preparing for Your Swansea Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner Secrets: Preparing for Your Swansea Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas in SwanseaWhile you hear a lot about planning tips for a beautiful wedding ceremony or a wedding reception at a premiere wedding venue, you don’t read a lot about ideas for planning a successful rehearsal dinner. In fact, the rehearsal dinner is a very important part of the overall wedding experience. It helps to bring the families together ahead of the actual wedding reception in Swansea, MA and it can work out any last-minute worries or jitters that the bride and groom may be experiencing. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the union of the couple the day before the union takes place. It can be simple. It can be extravagant. It can even be held at the same place where the Swansea wedding reception is going to be held to help everyone find their way the day before the big celebration.

What is a Rehearsal Dinner?
In the simplest of terms, the rehearsal dinner is a meal that is often held after the rehearsal, which is usually scheduled the night before the wedding. There are many benefits to holding this dinner. If the families haven’t had much of a chance to get to know one another, this is a great way to break the ice after watching their loved ones practice walking down the aisle together. It can be emotional for everyone involved, which means everyone is happy to start chatting and talk about how they feel about the next day’s big event.

One way to really wow your guests and set the tone for a traditional or contemporary wedding, is to host the rehearsal dinner at a local award winning restaurant, such as Venus de Milo. The Venus, as it is affectionately called by the locals in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, hosts a wide range of events, including weddings, receptions, graduation parties, birthdays, corporate gatherings and, of course, rehearsal dinners. As a premiere wedding venue, we have a lot of experience hosting small to large sized groups for such an important milestone in your life.

Call the on-site event coordinator at Venus de Milo and ask about our options for hosting a rehearsal dinner at the same location where your Swansea wedding reception will be held, as well as opportunities at our award winning restaurant, even if the wedding won’t be hosted here.

Formal or Casual?
Make sure to be clear in the invitation for the rehearsal dinner if you want the event to be formal or casual. In most situations, the dress is typically a casual business attire, with the men wearing dress pants, shirts and sometimes times, while the women wear casual dresses or nice “church” clothing. However, you can even have a more casual affair with jeans and t-shirts or go the other way entirely and require a more formal dress code. This party is designed to reduce the pressure that the bride and groom, wedding party, and families are experiencing on the day before the wedding, so you can host this party any way that you see fit to make it fun and memorable.

Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?
Tradition dictates that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner, but sometimes couples will throw this party themselves or the bride’s parents will pick up the tab if the dinner is at the same premiere wedding venue as the Swansea wedding reception. In some situations, the parents of the bride and groom will come together to host the party jointly as a toast to the new couple.

With regard to planning, because the mother of the bride often helps the most with the wedding reception in Swansea, MA and the plans for the ceremony, the mother of the groom will often step up and set the tone for the rehearsal dinner. Make sure to check with your soon-to-be-in-laws to make sure who wants to do what. You don’t want to assume that anyone will follow tradition and plan the dinner, but you also don’t want to assume that someone won’t.

What Do We Do at a Rehearsal Dinner?
While it may seem obvious, a rehearsal dinner is often just about the dinner. Sitting down and having a meal together at an award winning restaurant or seated “family style” in an event room prior to the big day is a great way to bring everyone together. You can also rent a larger room at the premiere wedding venue and host an interactive party with some fun activities after the meal. The meal can be served plated, buffet style or you could change that up all together and host a standing cocktail party. It’s really up to you and what you want to get out of this event.

Contact Venus de Milo for Reservations
Start planning your rehearsal dinner by contacting the event coordinator at our award winning restaurant right here in Swansea, MA. Whether you are holding your ceremony or reception at our premiere wedding venue or not, your guests will be delighted that you are hosting the rehearsal dinner here at the world-famous Venus de Milo. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and speak with our staff about including a rehearsal dinner with your plans for a wedding reception in Swansea, MA or to simply make reservations for a casual dinner with family and friends.

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