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Seasonal Weddings in Massachusetts: Planning an Outdoor Event

Seasonal Weddings in Massachusetts: Planning an Outdoor Event

seasonal weddings in MassachusettsWhen you think about hosting an event in New England, you might not consider hosting outdoor parties and celebrations. However, there are some pretty amazing backdrops for parties of all kinds in Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether your goal is to make plans for an upcoming wedding, host a retirement party for a loved one, plan a birthday party for a child, or organize a community event, it all starts with the venue. Swansea, MA event planning should begin with a tour of Venus de Milo. Known throughout the local region, we have the largest facility in Southeastern New England and feature indoor and outdoor options at our MA wedding and banquet facility. If you wish to plan an outdoor event in Swansea, our team can help you create a strategy that will help you maximize the benefits of the location and offer insider tips and suggestions that will ensure your event’s success.

Spring Weddings in Massachusetts

While one of the easiest times of the year concerning weather, there are still some considerations that must be worked out when planning outdoor parties and celebrations in the spring. New England weather can be unpredictable. It can also swell up into a windstorm or torrential rain one minute and provide beautiful blue skies and billowy clouds the next. Spring days are frequently sunny and a perfect 70-degrees, but depending on the time of day, you might want to have a backup plan. Work with the MA wedding and banquet facility for an indoor alternative and make plans with your wedding party to have coordinating wraps and warmer options if it does get chilly. Try to avoid graduation weekends when hotels, traffic, and restaurants will be booked months in advance. If it does rain on your wedding day, work with your photographer ahead of time for fun ideas that will make memorable photos. Do a quick search online, and you will see some amazing photography of couples that have embraced spring showers.

Summer Weddings in Massachusetts

Popular choices to plan an outdoor event in Swansea during the summer includes the use of tented reception areas and arbor-covered ceremonies to keep the sun off your face and out of guests’ eyes. Longer days and cool nights can make summer the ideal time to have a pre-dinner ceremony, dinner-time reception, and twinkle-light lit dance session under the stars. Make sure to work with the local venue for all of your Swansea, MA event planning support to have a plan A and plan B in case of a heatwave or summer thunderstorm. Discuss plans with your photographer to ensure that you maximize the sunset and “golden hour” of photography for perfect summertime photos. Take into consideration the heat when choosing your menu items. A nice hot meal sounds nice when you are planning in February, but by mid-summer, an excellent selection of salads and carving stations might be your best bet. Check for any local events that might cause traffic issues in the surrounding area, such as the Fourth of July celebration and other big-crowd gatherings.

Fall Weddings in Massachusetts

Who wouldn’t want to get married in New England during the autumn season? People travel here from all over the world just too see our colorful trees and sample our local seasonal dishes. Outdoor parties and celebrations during the fall months can create a beautiful setting that allows you to embrace the colors and natural theme of the season. When choosing a MA wedding and banquet facility, make sure to discuss your plans to take advantage of the local foliage and ask for photo suggestions. The on-site Swansea, MA event planning staff at Venus de Milo has many years of experience helping couples to plan their special day and can help you to maximize all the benefits of the autumn season. Make sure to have an indoor backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate but otherwise, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond on the fall color scheme for everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to decorations.

Winter Weddings in Massachusetts

You might not think that winter in New England would be the time to plan an outdoor event in Swansea, but there are many couples who use the seasonal weather to create a winter wonderland. However, extremely cold weather, snow, and dangerous ice may put a damper on some plans. If you do want a winter wedding outdoors, either just the ceremony or both the vows and the reception, make sure to talk with the venue about your ideas for outdoor parties and celebrations. Schedule photos in the early afternoon rather than waiting for the sunset, as it does get dark earlier than most people realize. Fun shots can include a playful snowball fight, the addition of elegant faux-fur wraps and muffs, or maybe even a snowman officiant standing beside you. Consider the comfort of your guests and work with the MA wedding and banquet facility to provide outdoor heaters and other options, as well as an indoor backup plan just in case the temperature drops quickly, or a significant snowfall is in the forecast.

Outdoor Weddings in New England

If you are interested in speaking with one of our event staff about your ideas for outdoor parties and celebrations, contact our team by calling 508-678-3901. We can answer any questions you have about our MA wedding and banquet facility, offer suggestions for outdoor event planning, and schedule a tour of our facility. We have many options for couples who wish to plan an outdoor event in Swansea for their wedding day and other wedding activities. Call today to check on availability or to secure our venue for your upcoming event.

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