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Small Weddings in Massachusetts: How to Plan a Small Wedding

Small Weddings in Massachusetts: How to Plan a Small Wedding

small weddings in MassachusettsOnce upon a time, couples would invite everyone they knew to attend their wedding and bear witness to their nuptials. However, as communities and extended family and friends have expanded significantly, that is not always possible. Many couples prefer to control the guest list and limit their wedding to close family and friends. It can provide a much more intimate setting and reduce some of the stress that comes with trying to plan a large event. Small weddings in Massachusetts have become extremely popular, with many couples choosing to host both the ceremony and the reception at the same venue to reduce costs and make it easier for guests.

Swansea wedding reception planning can be done through a professional planner or with the support of on-site wedding staff at a premier wedding venue like Venus de Milo. Lean on our more than 50 years of event planning in the Southcoast region for couples from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island to design the wedding of your dreams. Whether you choose to plan a small wedding or something much larger, you can count on Venus de Milo to provide you with the perfect location, service, and amenities to make all your dreams come true.

50 Guests or Less

In the wedding industry, a guest list of 50 or less is what typically constitutes small weddings in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area. Make sure that you understand the requirements and options available at the premier wedding venue for small guest lists, including in-house catering, vendors, and extra services. To plan a small wedding, you will need to consider all the same items that you would with a larger event, just on a smaller scale. For some couples, smaller weddings might mean being able to spend more on a surf and turf plated meal for their guests instead of more budget-conscious buffet service. For others, reducing the guestlist for Swansea wedding reception planning might mean more extravagant decorations and services.

Whatever your goals, preferences, and budget restrictions, the best place to start when planning a wedding of any size is to choose the venue first. Once you have selected, secured, and scheduled the venue, everything else will fall into place. Sit down and create a guest list, making sure to keep things “fair” on both sides of the aisle. Include yourselves, the wedding party, officiant, and any vendors on the list of 50 for the premier wedding venue. The cost for the use of a ballroom or outdoor wedding space is typically charged based on the headcount or number of individuals who will attend your ceremony and reception. Small weddings in Massachusetts should also have small wedding parties to reflect the size of the wedding, thereby cutting down the guest list requirements even further.

Reasons to Plan a Small Wedding

If you are not sure if a small wedding is right for you, consider some of the reasons why other couples have opted for this type of Swansea wedding reception planning. Small weddings in Massachusetts can reduce your overall wedding cost and budget, providing you and your spouse-to-be with a more intimate feel. When you have a smaller guest list, you also have less costs for food and drink. This could allow you to upgrade the menu, include an open bar, or offer other activities and amenities during the celebration. A smaller guest list can also provide you with more time to greet guests, thank them for coming, and actually spend time with those who matter most on your special day.

Overall, less people means less stress, allowing you to live in the moment and enjoy your wedding reception. Studies show that most couples never even get to eat the food at their own wedding because they are so busy and stressed throughout the reception. If that does not sound like a good plan to you, a small wedding at a premier wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts might be the answer. Think about how a small wedding in Massachusetts can positively impact your budget and help you to maximize all the amenities and opportunities available at the wedding facility. If you choose Venus de Milo for your special day, our team can help you make choices based on your interests, needs, and budget to help you get the most out of your experience with our venue.

Contact Our Team

If you would like to schedule a tour of our facility or have questions about planning small weddings in Massachusetts, give us a call at 508-678-3901. We can answer any questions you might have, provide insight into availability, offer detailed information about how to plan a small wedding, and offer support for Swansea wedding reception planning at our facility. Call today for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our services for weddings, corporate events, and social occasions in the Southcoast area.

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