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Social Gatherings & Special Events: Business Party in Swansea

Social Gatherings & Special Events: Business Party in Swansea

business-party-swanseaPerhaps one of the trickiest types of parties to plan is the corporate business party. There are many reasons to have an office party, either to celebrate reaching a milestone at the organization or just to have fun around the holidays. There is a fine line between throwing a professional event and a personal event. It is important to make sure that any social gatherings and special events that you throw for your business are safe and clearly a professional affair. One way to reduce the chance of there being fallout or liabilities as a result of a business party is to throw it at an off-site venue, such as a banquet facility or meeting and event space in Swansea, MA.

Plan in Advance
The best way to throw a successful business party is to start planning at least three to four months in advance. This will help you to secure the venue, such as an award winning restaurant like the Venus de Milo. There is a huge advantage to hosting your party at a banquet facility and that is that you can work with the on-site event planner on the menu when you schedule the meeting space for your gathering. Ask about including everything together in a single quote so you can stay on budget without worrying about any hidden or unexplained charges.

Create a Committee
Consider pulling in a couple of co-workers to help with the party preparations. Professional social gatherings and special events can be a lot of work, so the more people that you have working on this, the better. Get a couple of creative team members to work on decorations, invitations, entertainment options and anything else that you think they can help with to create a truly memorable party.

Pick a Theme
Every party should have a theme and your business party isn’t any different. Visit the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA to see what you have to work with and then plan accordingly with a theme. The theme can match your business, the industry you work in, the thing that you are celebrating or even just reflect the time of year. Seasonal parties are easy to decorate for and have a way of getting everyone excited and looking forward to the event. Keep the theme through every bit of the event, all the way from the invitations that you send out to staff to the decorations, menu, door prizes and entertainment.

Carefully Consider Alcohol
Depending on your staff, this can be a great idea for your social gatherings and special events or it can be the beginning of a real problem. Check the availability of alcoholic beverages at the banquet facility. Venus de Milo is an award winning restaurant and there is the option to serve alcoholic beverages at your party. Consider limiting the alcohol by forgoing the open bar and electing to hand out drink tickets instead. The general idea is that it will limit everyone to just a couple of drinks during the party, although non-drinkers have been known to give their tickets to those who wish to indulge. Just make sure the bartender knows when to cut people off to help you avoid any legal issues with co-workers.

Provide Entertainment
Make sure that there is something for your employees to do during the event at the meeting and event space in Swansea, MA. Consider hiring a DJ or a band, or discard the idea of dancing and making it possibly awkward socially by hiring a tasteful comedian or guest speaker to address the attendees. Depending on the focus of your social gatherings and special events, a tasteful “roast” of a co-worker with suggestions made by other employees might be in order. This is a good idea for retirement, relocation or promotion parties.

Reserve Space at the Banquet Facility
If you are looking to plan a business party or another type of social event at our award winning restaurant and banquet facility, contact Venus de Milo by calling 508-678-3901. Our on-site event planner can help you with making your plans at our well-appointed meeting and event space in Swansea, MA. Call today to reserve your space or to schedule a tour of our world famous restaurant and event center.

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