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Social Gatherings & Special Occasions: Plan a Party in Swansea

Social Gatherings & Special Occasions: Plan a Party in Swansea

social gathering in southeastern massachusettsThere are lots of great reasons to plan a party in Swansea. It could be a charity event, birthday party, company celebration, wedding reception, anniversary party, retirement bash, family reunion, or even a local community event. Whatever your reasons, the first place to start is by choosing a venue for your social gatherings and special occasions. You need a facility that is big enough to handle your guest list and support all of your ideas for Swansea, MA event planning festivities. You might want to hire a band, bring in popular entertainment, or put on a presentation. The venue you choose should have everything you need in-house to plan a successful event. So whether you want to host fundraiser events in Swansea or celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary with all of the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids in attendance, get the ball rolling by choosing the best local venue for your gathering.

Size Matters for Event Space

The first thing you will want to do when scouting out locations for your social gatherings and special occasions is consider the amount of space that you will need. Venus de Milo has provided party space for small groups of 50 on up to grand events for a guest list of 1,800. In addition to having room for guests, you will also want to consider things like on-site parking options, food service, and other amenities that will be used to plan a party in Swansea. Whether you use a professional event planner or if you do it all on your own, our team at Venus de Milo can help you to achieve your goals. We have more than 60 years of experience with Swansea, MA event planning, including baby showers and wedding receptions, corporate conferences and charity events, and we can provide you with the services you need to put on a memorable event.

Large events of more than 100 guests can be much more challenging to plan than smaller gatherings. Because of this, the sooner you can start your event planning process, the easier it will be. Get organized right from the beginning, making lists of things that need to get done, keep a folder or binder for all vendor contracts, to-do lists, and receipts, and create a strategy that will help you to achieve your goals. Choose the date for your event, giving yourself plenty of time to plan the party and enough time to ensure that you get all of the locations and vendors you want for the celebration. Avoid holidays, vacation times, and seasons that might make getting your ideal services more difficult. Once everything is decided, you can invite guests. If necessary, consider sending a “save the date” card to everyone on your guest list if you will be doing the preparations many months in advance.

Get Help With Planning and Execution

You might need some help with your Swansea, MA event planning, depending on the type of function you want to host. If this is a corporate event, choose staff members who have experience working with social gatherings and special occasions, or delegate team members to work as a committee. The more brains and hands you have working on the project, the easier everything will be. You will want someone to handle invitations and RSVPs, scheduling the vendors, creating name tags, event programming, catering services, and management of all the scheduled activities on the day of the event. You can’t personally be in all places at once, so it pays to have a co-planner who can help coordinate everything that you can’t supervise on your own.

Work with the local event venue to make sure that everything gets arranged and set-up the way that you want. Some places will set-up all of the tables, chairs, and staging elements for you, while others may require you to do it yourself. Schedule meetings with event staff leading up to your party or gathering so you can make sure you know what is expected and what the staff on-site will take care of for you. Either way, make sure that you have your own team members or volunteers available on the day of the event for setting up and making sure that everything goes according to plan. Decorations, special features, and anything else that you want to include beyond what the venue will handle will need to be taken care of by you and your staff. Find out how early you are allowed to come in and start decorating or setting up and when everything needs to be removed to avoid overage fees.

Contact Venus de Milo to get started on your Swansea, MA event planning. We can answer any questions you might have about our venue, offer suggestions for social gatherings and special occasions, and even help you with audiovisual needs for corporate expos or to host fundraiser events in Swansea. Call our team at 508-678-3901 to discuss your plans, ask about availability, or schedule a tour.

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