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Staging Basics 101: Swansea Wedding Reception Planning in MA

Staging Basics 101: Swansea Wedding Reception Planning in MA

Wedding Reception StagingIf you are new to wedding planning, then the idea of “staging” might be new to you as well. The definition of staging in relation to planning for a wedding reception in Swansea, MA is exactly the way it sounds. Staging refers to the planning and set-up of the event, either by the couple or with the help of social event coordinators, to ensure that everything that they want included at the MA wedding and banquet facility gets included. Everything from cutting the cake to tossing the bouquet, having that first dance to saying good-bye to friends and family, it all needs to be planned, staged and arranged.

What Will Happen and When
This is how you need to think about the staging portion of your Swansea wedding reception planning. You should start by making a list of all the things that you want to include on your special day. Do you want to cut the cake together as man and wife, or do you want to include cultural traditions from either the bride or the groom’s side of the family? Whatever you want to do, make sure to include it on the list and work with your social event coordinators at Venus de Milo so it can be added to the staging and the scheduling for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA.

Fun Facts: The German tradition of sawing a log together represents the first hurdle or challenge that a couple has to overcome as a team. One Italian custom has the bride carry a satin bag that guests put cash into to help pay for the wedding and get them a good start in life. In Sweden, the bride and groom enter the church together and the celebration feast lasts up to three days. In Mexico, the priest wraps a lasso made of fresh flowers around the necks of the bride and groom to represent eternal unity.

Using Decor for Staging
One way to approach the staging issue at your wedding reception in Swansea, MA is to use your decor to help “set the stage” so to speak for each feature within the event. A special table for the cake with a nice backdrop or decoration for planned photos; a special table for guests to sign the guest book, drop off cards and place their gifts; a sweetheart table instead of the traditional wedding party table to ensure great photos of the couple; and a special area just for tossing the bouquet or any of the other activities you plan to include.

When you tour the venue as you take care of Swansea wedding reception planning at Venus de Milo, go over your ideas with the on-site social event coordinators at the MA wedding and banquet facility. They can help you with every aspect of staging for your wedding reception in Swansea, MA. Because they do this all the time, you will also reap the benefits from their experience with other couples, weddings, receptions and events that have gone before you. The coordinator might even suggest the best place for lighting to take special photos or set-up for vendors during your reception.

Using Lighting for Staging
Another thing to work out with the venue when you are taking care of all the details for Swansea wedding reception planning and staging is the lighting. Our venue has a wide range of options for overall lighting, spotlight lighting, up-lighting and specialty mood-setting lighting that you can use to your advantage. Consider the role that lighting will play in the events you plan to include at your wedding reception in Swansea, MA. The on-site social event coordinators can help you choose the best lighting options for your special day.

On guest tables, consider the use of battery-powered LED lighting, such as white Christmas lights, tea candles and other little lights that will make the MA wedding and banquet facility look and feel magical. Make sure to clear any type of lighting or decor with the social event coordinators to ensure that they are okay to use at the venue. You can even use these battery-powered lights around the wedding cake, at the sweetheart table and around the guest book area to tie everything all together.

Visit Venus de Milo
If you would like to host your wedding reception in Swansea, MA at the world-famous Venus de Milo, contact our social event coordinators by calling 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of our facility or to get an estimate for any of our services. Swansea wedding reception planning is a breeze at our beautiful MA wedding and banquet facility. We are located in Southeastern Massachusetts near the Rhode Island border, making our venue convenient to you and your guests. Call today to check on availability for your wedding celebration.

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