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Swansea Wedding Reception Planning Without a Wedding Planner

Swansea Wedding Reception Planning Without a Wedding Planner

Swansea Wedding Reception PlanningIf you’ve ever read a bridal magazine or watched a movie about weddings, you might think that no one can pull off a successful wedding without a wedding planner. However, the truth is that while there are a million decisions and details that need to be figured out, it is possible to go it alone. Some brides get help from their groom, while others get support from family and friends. Having someone to go with you for cake-tasting, flower-shopping, and searching for the perfect dress can make it all a lot easier. Choosing the best MA wedding and banquet facility is an important first step. Once you find the premiere wedding venue of your dreams, everything else will start to fall in place.

Social Event Coordinators

One way to get some of the benefits of having a wedding planner without the cost is to take advantage of the on-site event coordinators at the reception venue. Swansea wedding reception planning can be complicated, from knowing which vendors to hire or figuring out what menu is the best. When you work with an experienced premiere wedding venue like Venus de Milo, you can count on our staff of social event coordinators to help you with these details.

Schedule a meeting at our MA wedding and banquet facility early on after you reserve the space to go over your plans. Most venues have a list of pre-vetted vendors that you can use to your advantage. Not only are the vendors known to our staff, but they are also pre-approved, set up with event insurance, and familiar with how we handle weddings. The vendors, which can include photographers, photo booth services, cake bakers, DJs, emcees, bands, florists, and limousine companies, are all essential to any successful wedding ceremony and reception.

Start With a Budget & the Guest List

The two most important pieces of the puzzle include the budget and the guest list. Both depend on each other for success. The budget will let you know how much money you have to spend on your Swansea wedding reception planning. The budget should include cash on hand, any loans, and any money donated by parents or other family members. If you are using credit cards or savings accounts, make sure to include those as well.

The guest list will let you know how many people you are planning on for the venue. Most services, including everything from the caterer to the facility costs, are based on the number of guests. While you will only have an initial guest list to start, you can work with the venue and vendors based on that “ballpark figure” and narrow it down as it gets closer to the big day. RSVPs are incredibly important, and you will need to stay on top of guests to make sure you know who can come and who cannot.

Create a Checklist & Get Organized

Two of the best things that you can do for Swansea wedding reception planning is to create a series of checklists that will help you to get organized. You can use online app-based planning programs, but your best bet is to have a big three-ring binder that you can use to hold everything from brochures and estimates to contracts, checklists, and scheduling information for the big day. Go over your ideas with the social event coordinators at the premiere wedding venue to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Create checklists and to-do lists for decorations, vendor interviews and contracts, things you need to bring to the ceremony, a timeline for events leading up to the wedding, and everything in between.

Your binder can be used to help you stay on top of invoices and receipts, payment schedules and cost tracking, as well as a million other details. Before you sign contracts, make sure to vet the vendors for yourself. Working with a reputable MA wedding and banquet facility can help, but if you don’t want to get a band that doesn’t listen to your do-play and don’t-play requests, you’ll want to see them in action first. Ask for references and then actually check them out. It will save you a lot of time, trouble, and frustration if you take care of this ahead of time. Get everything in writing and consider buying wedding insurance to cover losses in case something goes wrong.

Visit Venus de Milo

It can be a lot of work to tackle Swansea wedding reception planning on your own, but when everything comes together on the big day, it is all worth it. Contact our team of social event coordinators to take a tour of our premiere wedding venue. We can answer any questions that you might have about our MA wedding and banquet facility, provide you with that list of pre-vetted vendors, and help you choose the best day for your wedding celebration. Call today at 508-678-3901 to check on availability or to schedule a tour.

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