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The Best Stress-Free Swansea Wedding Reception Planning Tips

The Best Stress-Free Swansea Wedding Reception Planning Tips

stress-free southcoast wedding receptionIt seems as though you barely get a moment to enjoy being engaged when everyone starts pressuring you to set a date and start making plans for your wedding. Even if you have helped friends and relatives with their Swansea wedding reception planning in the past, the whole experience can be very overwhelming. You need to select a date, find the best MA wedding and banquet facility for your needs, and start hiring vendors to ensure that you get the best possible options for your special day. However, a wedding reception in Massachusetts does not have to be stressful. Once you choose the venue for your ceremony and reception, everything else will begin to fall into place. If you host your celebration at an award winning restaurant and event center like Venus de Milo, you can count on professional support and advice to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

On-Site or Off-Site Ceremony

While the reception is the highlight of the wedding celebration for all of your guests, it is essential to decide right away if you want to host it at the same location as your ceremony. There are a couple of advantages associated with choosing an MA wedding and banquet facility that has space for on-site services and receptions. You won’t have to worry about transportation and parking for guests and wedding party members at two separate locations. You won’t have to decorate or move decorations from one venue to the next. You also won’t have to pay for the use of two different sites, saving you considerable costs for your Swansea wedding reception planning.

Venus de Milo has space for on-site indoor and outdoor weddings, depending on the season. If you want to host a ceremony and wedding reception in Massachusetts, make sure to take a tour of our facility. We can answer any questions you might have about strategic staging and placement of various features for your wedding, show you our portfolio from past Venus brides and their events, as well as offer a list of pre-vetted vendors to help get you started. Make sure to read all of the information provided regarding outside vendors, including photographers, florists, bakeries, and entertainment, to avoid any confusion about our requirements. Vendors must be insured to protect our facility from potential damages.

Create a Flexible Budget

When will you host your wedding? Do you have months to plan or more than a year? Consider the time frame and all that you want to invest in your special day. Some couples have a savings account or take out a loan to pay for their Swansea wedding reception planning, while others are lucky enough to have family members willing to help out or pay for the celebration. You must consider the cost to rent space at the MA wedding and banquet facility, as well as any additional catering or refreshment expenses. Decorations, vendor costs for cakes, photos, videos, DJs, and emcees, as well as flowers, centerpieces, linens, and invitations, must also be considered. Pool all of your money and decide how much you have to spend in each area.

The wedding dress will be a significant portion of your wedding budget, as well as any gifts that you want to provide to your wedding party for supporting you on your special day. In most cases, groomsmen and bridesmaids pay for their own attire, whether it is a rental or purchase. Organizing the dresses, tuxedos or suits, and accessories should be done as soon as possible to give your friends and family members time to make their purchases and go for fittings. Have someone in charge of monitoring the wedding party to make sure that they take care of these obligations and check them off the list when they are completed. If you work with a professional wedding planner, they will typically take care of this part for you, along with any other organizational details.

Cost “Per Head” at the Venue

When you start shopping around for the best venue to host your wedding reception in Massachusetts, you need to understand that costs are usually configured according to the number of guests. You will see this as a “per head” or “per guest” listing in the price points on the company website or brochure. For example, at the Venus de Milo premier wedding facility, we have a wide range of menu types and styles to choose from for your reception. Four-course plated menus, buffet-style service, family-style dining, and cocktail party hors d’oeuvres can all be selected for your guests, depending on your budgetary needs. While some options do cost more than others, when you work with an award winning restaurant, you can rely on the taste and value of every item that we serve.

Schedule a tour of our MA wedding and banquet facility and speak with one of our event planners about tasting opportunities to help you with your Swansea wedding reception planning. The more that you can rely on family, friends, venue services, and your own organization, the less stressful the entire experience will be. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 and speak with one of our team members about your desired date and other Swansea wedding reception planning needs. We are proud to have served the Southcoast communities for over five decades and have earned many referrals from the couples we have worked with over the years.

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