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The Best Way to Plan a Surprise Bridal Shower in Swansea, MA

The Best Way to Plan a Surprise Bridal Shower in Swansea, MA

swansea bridal shower planningA surprise bridal shower is a great way to show the bride-to-be how much you care. While there is some etiquette surrounding the rules of who can host a shower – and who shouldn’t – in most cases, it is either the mother of the bride or the bridesmaids who coordinate this event. The goal of any good surprise party is to keep the guest of honor in the dark until they walk through the door at the celebration. It is essential to work with a small, dedicated group of planners who can keep the party quiet. A well-planned Massachusetts bridal shower should be held 30-days or less before the actual wedding date. You can choose to host it at the same Swansea wedding reception venue that the couple has chosen or go to a completely different facility.

Choose a Professional Venue

Wherever you plan a bridal shower in Swansea, make sure it is a professional venue. This is especially true when planning a surprise party, as you will have the support and services of experienced social event coordinators to help you pull it off successfully. Once you figure out your budget, approximate guestlist number, and the general time in which you want to host the party, you can start touring the local Swansea wedding reception venue options to see what is available. If you are hosting a party at the height of the wedding season, you might need to be flexible in your selections. For example, a brunch instead of a dinner party or a weeknight event instead of a weekend to accommodate all of the other pre-scheduled events.

When you figure out where you want to host the event, contact the venue to put down a deposit and secure the space for your Massachusetts bridal shower. To make sure you don’t book the facility when the bride-to-be is busy with other planning or family events, consider working with the groom-to-be behind the scenes to check her schedule. However, a good maid of honor should already know the bride’s wedding schedule and be able to let you know when she will be available. It might be challenging to keep the bride in the dark about your plans, but your efforts will pay off when you see how happy and surprised she is on the day of the party.

How to Keep Everyone Quiet

You will eventually need to let others know about the Massachusetts bridal shower and will need to either send out invitations or contact people directly. Depending on your friends and family, one method might work better than the other. A written invitation is nice because it gives them a confirmation of the date, time, location, and directions, so they will know where they need to be to celebrate with the bride-to-be. However, many a surprise party has been blown when the bride paid a visit to a family member or friend unexpectedly and saw the invitation pinned to the refrigerator or lying on a table. Consider how you will keep everyone quiet about the date so the bride can be surprised at the party.

You will also need to figure out how to get the bride to the Swansea wedding reception venue on the date of the party. Some social event coordinators recommend that you tell the bride that they have a scheduled tasting or meeting with the wedding planner or event staff on that date and time for the wedding, especially if you are hosting it at the same place as the reception. Other methods include having the groom-to-be take her out to dinner or ask the bridesmaids to contact the bride to go out for a drink and arrive at the venue where the surprise is waiting. Mothers, fathers, siblings, soon-to-be in-laws, and other trusted individuals can also be used to get the bride-to-be to the party.

Girls Only or Co-Ed Celebrations?

There is a big debate about how to plan a bridal shower in Swansea and whether you should keep it as a “girls only” event or invite the groom-to-be and all of the other men who are close to the family. Brothers, fathers, co-workers, friends, spouses of bridesmaids, and the ring bearer and his family are just some examples of the people that you could invite to a Massachusetts bridal shower if you made it co-ed. Many brides have best friends that are men or brothers that they would want to include, making it a big deal for many families to just invite everyone to come along. If you do choose to invite the men, consider switching up the party games, music, food, and entertainment to something that everyone will appreciate.

Contact Venus de Milo to start making plans for a bridal shower at our Swansea wedding reception venue. We have several different ballrooms and party space options for you to choose from a wide array of menu items that can be served to your guests. Ask about all included items, such as tables, chairs, and basic linens, as well as guidelines for hiring vendors, entertainers, and other specialized services when you plan a bridal shower in Swansea. Give our social event coordinators a call at 508-678-3901 and schedule an appointment to tour our venue at your earliest convenience.

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