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Throwing a Graduation Party in Southeastern Massachusetts

Throwing a Graduation Party in Southeastern Massachusetts

southeastern-massachusetts-graduationIt’s never too early to start making plans for a graduation party. Most of the top banquet halls in Swansea, MA and the surrounding area will be booked and filled up well in advance of graduation season, so it is a good idea to choose the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue that suits your needs and put down a deposit quick. Venus de Milo is an award winning restaurant and popular New England banquet facility that has all of the space and amenities you need to throw an awesome graduation party.

What Type of Party?
The first thing you need to think about once you have the banquet hall secured is what type of party you want to throw. A graduation party from high school will be drastically different from a college graduation. A graduation party from a trade school or academy will also be different from a graduation from graduate school for someone who earned their masters or doctorate degree.

Think about the person or persons that you are honoring and the type of people that you will be inviting. Consider whether or not it will be a family event or if you will serve alcoholic beverages via an open bar. Once you make some basic decisions regarding the type of graduation party you will be hosting and who will attend, you can move on to other areas of party planning.

Create a Budget
The next thing you need to do is make a budget. Once you know how much money you have to spend at the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue on decorations, entertainment, food, beverages and other types of extras, the faster you’ll be able to start securing vendors and placing orders. All of these other items – such as live bands, DJs, graduation cakes – they all need to be planned and ordered ahead of time as well. The graduation party business gets pretty busy starting in April or May and continues on until all the local schools have completed their graduations.

Alternative schools, trade schools and individuals who graduate early or at other times during the year have an advantage over other graduates, but keep in mind other party seasons, such as holidays, weddings and school proms or other large events. Once you book the banquet hall in Swansea, MA you can start working with the on-site event planner to take care of all the details regarding your big party, find out about what type of decorations are allowed and determine whether or not your vendor of choice works with the award winning restaurant.

Pick a Theme
Every great party has a theme. When it comes to a graduation party, you can stick with the obvious choice of celebrating the accomplishment of the graduate or the chosen profession that they will be heading into after graduation, such as medical school, law enforcement or law school graduates. Beyond the obvious, you can choose a theme that either fits the season or has something to do with a hobby or special interest of the guest of honor. If throwing a graduation party for an entire graduating class, consider using the school colors and mascot as your guide for a theme or pick something completely unrelated.

Once you choose a theme everything else will fall into place. The type of cake, decorations, invitations, entertainment – it can all be centered around the theme for the party you will be throwing at the New England banquet facility. Again, think about the person you are honoring and the type of people who will be at the party. You don’t want to offend anyone with a theme that is “too adult” for younger people or insult a grown-up by having a theme that is “too childish” for their age.

Select the Food
Work with the event coordinator at the award winning restaurant of Venus de Milo to choose the menu for your graduation party. Again, the theme of the party can influence the type of food that you serve or the food can simply be a collection of favorites for the person of honor. Check with the Southeastern Massachusetts event venue to find out if there are any restrictions for outside food to be brought into the facility. Because they are not just a reception facility, but an actual restaurant and banquet hall in Swansea, MA, there may be rules about what can be brought in for the party.

However, extras like a self-serve candy bar, homemade candy favors or a bakery cake might not be a problem. Either way, unless the food comes directly from the New England banquet facility, don’t assume anything. Make sure to run everything by the event coordinator before making any decisions or putting anything in writing with a vendor. Some venues have a pre-approved list of vendors that they work with, but they may be willing to make an exception for something that does not conflict with the things offered by their preferred providers.

Contact Venus de Milo to Reserve Your Party Space
As soon as you know the date that you want to host your graduation party, make sure to contact the New England banquet facility to reserve your party space. Give us a call at 508-678-3901 or visit our location on Grand Army Highway (Route ) in Swansea, Massachusetts. Our team of event coordinators can help you lock down all of your plans and assist you in throwing a beautiful graduation party or other type of formal event that your guests will appreciate and talk about for weeks and months to come.

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