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Tips for Planning Social Gatherings & Special Occasions in MA

Tips for Planning Social Gatherings & Special Occasions in MA

There are many different types of parties that are hosted at Venus de Milo each year. We have hosted birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, wedding ceremonies and receptions, retirement parties, corporate gatherings, community events, and charity dinners, just to name a few. However, when it comes right down to it, the professional event planning work that goes into each of these different types of social gatherings and special occasions is quite similar. When hosting a party for just 50-100 of your closest friends, you will still need to create a budget, make arrangements for catering, work with vendors, and book a venue. Large-scale events just require bigger budgets, more space, and a support team that can help you achieve your goals.

A successful party should involve a lot of planning and organization. It all starts with the selection of banquet rooms in Swansea and picking a desired date for the event. Whether you are planning a family reunion in MA for 200 or hosting a fund-raising event for 1,000, you can count on Venus de Milo to help you achieve your goals. Our well-appointed facility has space for up to 1,800 guests, FREE on-site parking, a wide range of amenities, in-house catering, and a whole lot more. Our services are designed to make it easier to pull off professional event planning – even if you are the only one taking care of business. Start by contacting one of our event coordinators to discuss your needs for party planning and ballroom space.

Create a Checklist

One of the best ways to stay on top of everything that needs to be done is to create a checklist. This will help you remember to get all of the decorations, catering, entertainment, invitations, RSVP deadlines, and other essential aspects of party planning taken care of promptly. You don’t want to be a week out of your party only to realize that you didn’t order a celebration cake. You also don’t want to miss payment deadlines or deposit dates for vendors and have them cancel on you and no longer be available. Checklists can help you to manage everything, especially if you keep them in a folder or three-ring binder that lets you keep all contracts, brochures, receipts, and photos of your staging ideas in one simple place.

Another great idea is to form a committee. This is especially helpful if it will be a big party or if there are lots of people to please with different ideas of what should be provided. Examples of this could be a business meeting or seminar series, a fund-raiser for a charity organization, and planning a family reunion in MA for relatives that are spread out across the country. The committee should include individuals who have a talent for organization, decoration, work well with others, and that would enjoy participating. You don’t want to recruit people who don’t like party planning – the results would be disastrous. Schedule an initial meeting to make sure everyone knows what to expect and to assign tasks to each person. Schedule future meetings before the event to check-in and get reports from everyone. The more you can communicate, the easier it will be to stay on task for social gatherings and special occasions planning.

Establish a Theme

Even a party that seems like the theme should be obvious needs to have a theme defined for the decorations, invitations, staging, and activities. It wouldn’t be a 70s theme party without disco balls, a funky DJ, and retro decorations. Make sure to start planning ahead so that everyone that is invited knows if they should dress the part or so you can secure entertainment for the event. You can also coordinate the food, create special theme cocktails, and create unique centerpieces that carry the idea through to every area of the party. Design fun signs that let guests know where everything is located consider hiring a photographer or bring in a photo booth, and work with the venue for other professional event planning options that you might not have thought of on your own.

At Venus de Milo, our banquet rooms in Swansea have facilitated many different types of parties. Our event coordinators can help you put together a list of pre-vetted local vendors who can help you to achieve your goals. Our in-house catering and service team can also provide you with options that you can use to create a memorable event for your colleagues, family members, or friends. Offer favors, contests, and prizes, as well as other interactive events that will keep your guests talking about the party for months after it is over. Search for unique party supplies and options that will raise the bar for party planning for future events.

Schedule a Tour of the Venue

Make sure to contact our team to schedule a tour of our facility to see if it is right for your social gatherings and special occasions. We have seven distinct party spaces that can be used for small, mid-size, and large events for up to 1,800 people. These rooms can be reconfigured to provide space for separate meal and party spaces, as well as VIP areas and break-out rooms during your event. Call our experienced event coordinators at 508-678-3901 to schedule a tour of Venus de Milo or to inquire about availability for your special event.

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