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Top List of Questions to Ask MA Wedding and Banquet Facility

Top List of Questions to Ask MA Wedding and Banquet Facility

venue-questions-weddingPlanning a wedding ceremony and reception can be a huge task. Keeping it all under control through checklists and, if you are lucky, through the aid of an experienced wedding planner for local Swansea, MA event planning, can help to make the entire process much more pleasant. Choosing the location for your reception can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for ahead of time.

The selection of elegant ballroom spaces and local South Coast reception hall opportunities can be overwhelming, especially if you have been out looking for a few weeks or months for the perfect spot. However, once you find the location that you really like, it’s time to start asking questions to make sure that this wedding and banquet facility meets up with your expectations. This article will focus on the top questions that you should ask a reception hall before signing a contract and putting down a deposit to make sure it’s what you really want for your special day.

Question #1 – Is the Venue Available?
Make sure that the wedding and banquet facility is even available on your special day. If you already have the ceremony date picked out, you will need elegant ballroom spaces for your reception on the same day. You might have to get creative with your dates if you want a particular South Coast reception hall during the middle of wedding season.

Question #2 – How Many Guests?
Before you start calling around or visiting locations, make sure to have at least a ballpark figure of the number of guests you will be inviting. Make sure to include the bride, groom, wedding party and immediate family members that will be participating in the ceremony in with the head count. Most Swansea, MA event planning services will advise you about this, but just in case, make sure to come armed with figures before you put down a deposit.

Question #3 – How Much?
Make sure to find out what the rental fee is for the space and ask about what is included. Find out if there are any discounts for off-season weddings or dates that are in the middle of the week instead of on the weekend. Asking the right questions at the wedding and banquet facility might help you to reduce your costs for the facility and help you to afford a bigger and better location than you anticipated.

Question #4 – What About the Deposit?
Beautiful locations with elegant ballroom spaces will go quicker than plain halls that don’t have a lot of options or opportunities. Ask about the deposit, how much is required, when it is due and whether or not it is refundable. Check into the payment plan for the entire cost of the event at the South Coast reception hall before signing anything.

Question #5 – Accessibility?
If you have any disabled guests or elderly guests that might need to have handicapped parking or wheelchair access, make sure to ask about it. You will want to know whether you will need any additional equipment to be able to get them into the wedding and banquet facility without a lot of stress and hassle.

Question #6 – Decorations?
Make sure that you are allowed to do decorations as part of your Swansea, MA event planning to include your wedding colors, centerpieces and anything else that you want to incorporate. Work with the on-site event coordinator to find out when you can start decorating and when things need to be cleaned up to prevent any additional charges.

Question #7 – Can I Cancel?
You will definitely want to find out about the cancellation policy and whether or not you can get any of your deposit back if you cancel far enough in advance. For a popular location, such as a trendy South Coast reception hall, chances are good that they will still be able to book the hall even if you cancel, so you might be able to get some of your money back.

Question #8 – What About Vendors?
Make sure to find out whether or not there is a preferred vendor list for the wedding and banquet facility. You also need to find out how early your vendors can come in to start setting up on the day of your wedding reception and how long they have after the event to break down. Ask about deliveries and whether they can be made in advance.

Question #9 – Parking?
You will want to know about the parking situation at the South Coast reception hall to ensure that it can accommodate you and all of your guests. Ask about limo parking for the wedding party and any other specialty parking that you might require.

Host Your Wedding at the World-Famous Venus de Milo
For over five decades, the Venus de Milo has served as the premiere wedding venue in Southeastern New England. We are able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and reception space. We also have well-appointed bridal rooms and elegant ballroom spaces that will help you to have the special day that you have always wanted. Contact our event coordinator by calling 508-678-3901 to find out about availability or to ask questions about our wedding and banquet facility. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have and help you with your local Swansea, MA event planning.

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